Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Snow!

I think that when winter ends (for reference, that would be, ah, July) I'm going to count up the number of posts that are entitled 'New Snow!'. Just out of curiosity. Or maybe I'll run a contest of some sort. Hmmm. I'll put the little gray cells to work on this.

So. Um. It snowed all day Monday, but given that it is spring (no, really), it didn't start sticking at our house until about 4pm. Which, coincidentally, was the time that Abby had her annual check-up at the vet. Oooh. Speaking of Abby's check-up, Lard Butt must carry all her weight in her, ah, hips, because she's a paltry 62 lbs. HAH! (I'm 56 lbs, for reference.) However, if she only outweighs me by a little bit, I've got to figure out why she has the smackdown advantage so often. Another task for the little gray cells....

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Monday afternoon the snow started sticking, and when we woke up yesterday morning there was a whole bunch of glorious new snow!!!! For some reason, Dad was less excited about this, as he had to go clear the driveway. But, being the Good Dad that he is, he cut our path in the back yard, first.

Once Dad had cut our path, Abby and I went out back to check out our Winter Wonderland.

The snow passed the Frisbee Test. And of, course, we had to put it to the Bitey-Face test....

We even put the snow through the frisbee tug-o-war test.

Abby had to test the snow for sit-ability.

She seemed to be quite satisfied with belly coolness provided, and gave it 4 paws up. (Or buried in the snow, as the case may be).

She even snuck in a little pruning so that this bush doesn't get Totally Out of Control.

And the snow passed the all-important Taste Test!

In the end, we decided to try some synchronized zoomies to see if the snow would earn our Seal of Approval.

Fantastic snow! We'll take some more, please! :-)

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the 62 lb Hippobottomus


Anonymous said...

omg does the snow never end there?

My asst. says she would lose her mind... well, what's left of it.

The Mama Monster said...

omg the pic of abby sitting in the snow is hilarious!

Kari in WeHo said...

Does it ever stop snowing?


Mogley G. Retriever said...

Snow? What is snow? In Denver it is 55 degrees today and our snow is gone. All we have is mud to play in.

Mogley G. Retriever

Frankie Furter said...

You don't suppose you two are stuck in that dreaded Ground Hog's Day Loop thingy do you??? I'm just sayin.

Ettel, Charlie Poodle, and Emma Pitty said...

Emma wants to know where you live so she can make sure to avoid it at risk of death (she hates snow and cold, in case you were wondering).

I think your mom and dad are real troopers for living in such a snowy place! Especially your dad, since he gets to snow blow all the time!!

1000 Goldens said...

You no doubt win the most snow prize for the season, it has been incredible there :)

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Just wrong!


Benny and Lily said...

You two are hilarious. We still think you should be on Dancing With the Stars
Benny & Lily

Lorenza said...

Old or new... you two always enjoy the snow!
Kisses and hugs

Amber-Mae said...

You two just really love the snow, huh? I bet you can play out there for hours!

rottrover said...

OMD!! I just read your comment on Wild Dingo. HAHAHA!! Thanks for the giggle -- one "succulent-only" gardener to another...

Wild Dingo said...

It seems like it's snowing a lot there, huh? ;)

who needs a frisbee when you have a doodle doggie to bitey?

and btw: 6 lb difference? that's HUGE that's like some person being 10-20 lbs bigger than another person. would you want to smack someone down who had 15 more lbs of muscle (or lard?). i think not.