Friday, April 24, 2009

There's a new Sheriff in town

Fi here again. Actually, I think I've convinced Mom that this will be my blog. Or mostly my blog. She'll get to post occasionally, but I think I'm going spruce things up a bit. The car picture is cool - I was actually THERE - but it would be a lot cooler if there was a dog head hanging out the window. Except that in racing, you have to wear a helmet and a seatbelt. Mom says I have a seatbelt that I inherited from my older brother Ben, and should fit me fine, as he was a standard poodle; I've got the same deep chest, although I bet my shoulders are broader. I just don't know about the helmet thing. I don't want my ears to get scrunched.

But I'm going to make this a little more dog-oriented. Because, frankly, if Mom were to answer honestly, us kids are the center of her and Dad's universe. So, shouldn't the blog reflect reality?

Yep, I thought so, too.

Especially since I've got some Big Trauma coming up in my life. Mom and Dad have been talking about "moving". Moving? Just when I have gotten used to Arizona; the sun, the water, the little terrier across the road, the burro at the groomers (well, the burro isn't there anymore - she got a forever home a while ago, but she was there once, and I thought she could have been my BFF if I had gotten more time to know her; I mean, TaiChi is my real BFF, but she's my big-little sister, so that's different).

But this moving thing? We're going back to Utah. I only kind of sort of remember Utah, and have no idea what this House Without Wheels thing is. I vaguely remember some cold white stuff, but that's about all I remember of Utah...

Can you BELIEVE that that is me?!? I was such a little puffball! And LITTLE. Wow. Was I EVER that small? I can't believe it!

Mom says that there isn't any of that white stuff there now; we might get a little bit, but nothing that I'll really be able to play in. In fact, she's more worried about the fact that the stuff is all melting (I guess there was a TON in Utah), and the yard will be all muddy, and with my big feet, I'll get everything all muddy. Apparently, we'll be in a House That Doesn't Move. Can you imagine? How can you have a house that doesn't have wheels. I'm so confused. (And what's wrong with mud? I'm not sure I know exactly what mud is, but it's probably like sand, and that is great, because it gets between your toes, which is really fun, especially since it needs to be licked away, later.)

I really have no idea what she's talking about. First. What is this 'yard' thing?

Apparently this is the 'porch' that leads to the 'yard'. And the white stuff.

And this is me in the kitchen.

Kitchen?!? I don't even remember this!

Let's face it; I've spent most of my life in the motorhome. 42 feet from nose to tail, and about 14 feet wide when it is all wide (it scrunches in to be like 8 feet or so), with the StudioLivingRoomDiningRoomKitchen in the first part, then there is a door that opens onto the Cat's Lair. There's also this thing that has a door and clear windows, and a thing that sprays water. Mom and Dad always seem to smell better when they get out of the thing. Under the counter is a big space where the cat gets his food and water delivered to him. Outside of the spraying thing is the cat's box (where, occasionally I can find tasty morsels - although Mom and Dad seem to disapprove of this source of treats). There's a little room off to the side whose door is always closed, and leads to a room into which I have never been. Apparently I wouldn't fit.

Then there's the bedroom. And that's it. And it works just fine for me.

So I don't see the point of going to some 'house-without-wheels' that has a whole bunch of other rooms. Who needs 'em?

Guess I'll find out. In the meantime, Mom is starting to put things 'away'. I have to make sure that she doesn't put anything of mine anyplace where she can't find it instantly. Because how could I deal with that?

The one thing I do know? I like riding in the House on Wheels when it is moving. There are so many exciting things to do; I can sit on the couch and look out the window at all of the things to go by, or I can sleep on the floor right next to Dad when he's driving. Or if someone is taking a nap on the couch, I can take a nap with them. I can sit in Mom's lap. Although come to think of that, when we drove down here - right after those pictures with the white stuff were taken - I was a little bit smaller than I am now. But I bet I can still sit in Mom's lap if she gives me room. And I can try to walk while we are moving, and eat, and drink. And I get to bark at things. Ohboyohboyohboy this will be fun!

I love going for rides in the House With Wheels! I'm so excited!!!


Mango said...

You will love the house without wheels! Yards are fantastic and snow is totally awesome fun. I am so excited for you!


P.S. Maybe you will get a pool!

Kimberly said...

you are the funniest doggy bloggy :) I just love your little Fi and the great stories