Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm ba-ack!!!

Fi here again.

Mom’s still doing that silly stitching thing. The only use I can possibly see for stitching is to fix my toys that occasionally need a little surgery. Take, for instance, my platypus. One of my favorite toys ever. Which means that I’ve had him for 6 months, and I still play with him. Best. Toy. Ever. Except for possibly the Treat Filled Ball. But that is in a different category. Mr. Platypus is the king of the stuffie category.

Here’s Mr. Platypus, sitting on top of the toy box, ready to be retrieved (little joke there – I’m half retriever and half poodle *woof*):

He’s really cool, but a little fragile. Mom has had to sew him up a couple of times:

So I can see how using a needle and thread for Important Surgery is a Good Thing. But lots of different colors on a piece of cloth with holes in it? Don’t get it.

Anyway, my last post was all about my family. Because I’m generous that way. Today is all about Me. MEEEE! But not my life history; that is long and complicated, and involves a Very Long Drive for a car race when I was Really Young, and explains why I have no fear of diesel trucks, or race cars, and why the rumble of a good Corvette or Mustang is music to my ears. Don’t ask me why I don’t like the sound of airplanes. I couldn’t tell you that one. But that is for another day.

Fiona’s Day by Fiona Dranow

5:48am: My older (but littler) sister TaiChi has to go piddle. She’s very old (and yes, Mango, she does have magical powers – I have seen her stare at a drawer until she is able to summon treats from it – VERY impressive; apparently rubbing her belly also has healing powers, but you’d have to talk to Mom about that). And since TaiChi goes out, I get to go out too. Mom grumbles a bit, but then she sometimes doesn’t appreciate pre-dawn walks. The picture is fuzzy because Mom was too tired to ‘futz’ – her word, not mine – with the camera.

6:17-9:30am: Sleeping, walking on Mom and Dad, waiting for TaiChi to demand that she get to go outside again. Did I mention that this venerable dog has magical powers? She can make Mom do just about anything. I need to learn her secrets.

10:00-whenever: Power resting. I usually start off on the couch while Mom ‘works’ at the computer.

Then I wander over and join TaiChi. Because she really is the best sleeping partner ever.

When Dad gets up and finishes his work (I think he works harder than Mom, because he talks a lot on the black chew toy that has buttons and makes alerting noises; he just doesn’t seem to appreciate its full value as a chew toy – even though I’ve shown him how those antennae nubs can be quite tasty. Have to get a picture of that!) I like to sit on the couch with him and give him kisses.

He tastes best right after a shower!

Then Mom will take me outside to play. I know they have video of me chasing one of my squeaky balls, but I can’t find it. So trust me on this one. Although her is a picture of me in my younger days investigating the Colorado River. I’m still not sure what is so exciting about this swimming thing, but my Mom keeps telling me that that is my poodle side talking. I have no idea what she’s talking about.

The rest of the day is spent playing, and when it’s not too hot, going on a walk.

Me on a walk, waiting for Mom to break out the water bottle. This seems to be the pretty scenery that Mom talks about. Me? I'm more interested in the lizards and rabbits that pop in and out of the bushes!

Me with another chew toy. I’ve got lots of toys!

But the best part of the day? DINNER TIME!!!!

Here I am, sitting patiently, waiting for Mom to dish out the food.

(C’mon Mom, HURRY UP ALREADY! I’ve been patient ENOUGH. For Long Enough. Sheesh.)

Drumroll, please….. The Great Moment Arrives!


And then it’s back to the grind of playing with toys, napping, and if I’m REALLY lucky, Mom will give me ice cubes. I LOVE ice cubes. They are so cold and portable, and help Mom with mopping the kitchen.

See, now rather than dragging out the bucket, she just needs to get out the mop. I am SOOOO helpful.

Then it is bedtime and back to dragging Mom outside for more late night walks. I still don’t see what’s she’s complaining about. Even she had to admit that the stars were REALLY PRETTY at 3am this morning.

More from me later, because I’ve ‘borrowed’ Dad’s computer.

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1000 Goldens said...

Fiona - I loved hearing about your day. Also happy to see your Mom is putting her cross stitch skills to work on your stuffies :)