Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fiona here

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Fiona here, because Mom NEVER updates. Sheesh, her birthday was 8 days ago, and she’s still going on about her ‘pre-birthday’?!? Clearly somebody has to step in and do something around here.

First, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of other four-legged people such as myself who have their own blogs, and I’m thinking that I might want to take this one over (or start my own), so you don’t have to read about needlepoint all the time. The only thing exciting about needlepoint is attempting to sneak in a chew on the wooden frame (Mom always stops me, though). The rest of it? Bleah. Maybe if I had opposable thumbs it would be more interesting, but I wouldn’t count on it (or me getting opposable thumbs, for that matter).

I don’t think Mom has ever done a proper job of introducing the family, so I’ll do it.

First is Mr. Bufus, The Cat.

You’ll notice that Bufus has one of my chew treats. Pretty funny because He Doesn’t Have Any Teeth!!! But, Bufus rules the house. Whatever wants, Bufus gets. He’s a 19 year old Maine Coon cat, and frankly, he scares me a little bit. He lets me know when I get too close, but he’s got no problem eating my food, and drinking my water. And yet Mom gets mad when I eat his food. What’s up with that?!?

I just pretty much call him Mr. Bufus, Sir, and get out of his way. Although I DID manage to steal the treat back, finally. After Bufus had licked it for a while….

This is my Big Sister, TaiChi.

(Here’s a better shot – she’s the one on top!)

She’s an old lady – more than 17 years old – which, is, well, older than dirt! She likes to sleep a lot, but occasionally I can get her to play with me. I just have to be careful because she’s got snaggly teeth, and she plays to win! I am still learning how to play with her, though, she’s not very big (18 lbs) and sometimes, all in good fun, I get a little rough with her, and then Mom yells at me to stop. Mom is pretty protective of TaiChi. Mom also will then suggest that they get a Jack Russell Terrier to keep me in my place. No thank you! I like my place just fine as it is! I think they’re kidding.

But she’s a great sleeping partner.

Mom and Dad



Apparently, they were off doing something silly in the Arizona desert on two wheels. When they could have been playing with ME instead! *ahem. Apparently, Dad hasn’t been feeling well for a while, so they haven’t been doing the two-wheeled thingy for a while.

Dad has been sleeping a lot, which is okay, because I always like sleeping partners:

I think that is actually Mom buried under there, but hey, I was comfortable, and that’s all that matters, right?!?

Here I am with Dad:

Notice that Mr. Bufus (sir) is there, too, but I’m plenty far away from him!

So, that’s us. Right now, we are living in a motorhome, because Mom and Dad didn’t want to deal with snow this winter.

But apparently we’ll be leaving soon, as it is getting HOT down here, and Dad wants to get his back sorted out, so he and Mom can get back to that two-wheeled nonsense. Why should they do anything on two wheels when they can play with Meeee?!?

I’m younger there, but you have to admit, I’m pretty darn cute!

So, that’s us. And I’m pooped. All this typing without opposable thumbs is hard work! I think I need a nap.


Mango said...

You most certainly need your own blog. If you need me to give your mom a talkin to, just let me know. Your house on wheels looks cool.

TaiChi sure is ancient. She must have magical powers.


BOSSY said...

Cute cute cute cute cute cute and cute.