Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yeah, so I voted for McCain. I also said a prayer for his health before I pushed the button. Because I think that Sarah Palin was probably the world's worst decision. Gods. Mitt Romney would have been SO MUCH better, just as a fr'instance.

Of course, being in Utah, it really doesn't matter who I vote for for president, but there was just No Way I could vote for anyone else on the ballot. I actually pondered a write-in for a few minutes, but couldn't come up with anything more creative than Mickey Mouse.

Anyhoo, it's started to snow, and I'm really looking forward to warm weather. It's pretty for a day, but I just can't envision another winter of freezing, doing the driveway (or watching the husband kill himself doing it, which is more like it), and just generally doing nothing other than skiing for a few hours and going home.

I REALLY hear Arizona calling me.

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