Saturday, November 15, 2008

Regression therapy. (Or not.)

Ugh. I remember when I made the first move from a 500 sqr. ft. dorm room into a 1000 sqr. ft. apartment, and was all excited about the prospect of buying pots, pans, bookshelves, shower curtains, and carpets. It was a Big Deal. Now I'm moving from a 4000 sqr. ft. house to a 1200 sqr. ft. (ish) motorhome. For 5 months. Admittedly, there is a lot of empty space in the 4000 square feet, but still. Going from 3 walk-in closets to 1 non-walk in closet? I know, I know, I might as well be whining about the martini glasses scuffing my manicure, but.... Gah! Summer clothes, spring clothes, a few days of fall clothes, biking clothes, skiing clothes, and just general 'hanging out' stuff. For two people. For 5 months (meaning that I don't want to wear the same t-shirt every 2 days)?

Actually, I really could care less about the clothes. There is this amazing thing called the internet, and this other amazing thing called UPS. If it isn't packed, it could be on my doorstep in 3 days.

I'm really more just freaked out about the mental preparation. I'm. Leaving. For. 5. Months. No doubt I'm going to forget something catastrophic, like my wallet, or dog food, or insulin for the cat, or the husband's meds, or something.

Eh. It will all be fine. But it's the packing of the phone chargers, and the firewires, and the dog treats, and the cycling shorts, jerseys, jackets, gloves, helmets, etc., that is starting to make me feel overwhelmed. Probably because I'm also packing ski gear (no, really.... although I hope it stays in the basement of the motorhome until we get back next May), tennis gear, golf clubs, shoes, carts, etc.

I know. I really shouldn't be complaining. And I'm really not, other than just the sheer work of arranging a small home for a puppy, an incontinent dog, an old dog, and an old diabetic cat, that won't leave us with permanent carpet messes (already had the small Bissel for 'small' messes). Basically, I'm worried about where I'm going to store 15 bath towels.

My husband would argue that I worry too much.

Of course, once we get there, and get settled, all will be cool. (I've done the important checking: wireless internet, mail service, a pharmacy that will take Utah prescriptions, storage for the Corvette/trailer, and relatively close high-level vet care. ) Everything else is flexible.

But I'll still be stressed until we leave. So I am REALLY hoping for HOT weather when we get to Arizona, as I want to spend the first couple of days in the lounge chairs with a couple of brainless books, cool drinks, and much sun.

Of course, there will be pictures!

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