Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well, Ben is holding steady. His kidney values are high – higher in the last couple of weeks than they have been in the last month or two – but stable. With 1 being average for dogs, 8 being where things “don’t look so good”, Ben is holding steady at 5.0. High, but not getting worse. His back pain seems to be getting worse, however. So, we’ve upped his pain meds, and we are treating him with the same tools we use for Gary; heat and cold laser (no, the cold laser isn’t actually cold, it’s just not hot). We’ll see how it goes, but it certainly can’t hurt.

All that said, today was spent running around; me getting the dogs to the vet, us picking up Larry from knee surgery (he drove himself down at 7am, so Gary and I both went to pick him up so Gary could drive Larry’s truck while I drove Larry), a doctor’s appointment for Gary, and a couple of trips to the motorhome. Which meant that I really didn’t get the final packing and shopping done. Gary’s got some business to take care of, as well, so we have opted to leave on Thursday. We’ll arrive Friday night (spending Thursday in St. George), and be ready to start the whole vacation thing.

Which is fine; the weather is supposed to be warm for the next 7 days (much to the dismay of the skiers who were happy with the early start to the season), so one more day in Park City won’t matter, and it will make for a more relaxing departure on Thursday (we’ll just have to bring down the kids, and the tow car, and we’ll be ready to go).

Again, this is all good. But I AM really looking forward to a few days of snoozing in the sun.

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Sillycakes said...

It really is so good to be hearing from you again. I will keep my fingers crossed that Ben responds well to the treatments.