Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm not a big Halloween fan. Actually, that's not entirely true. I've never been around people who are big Halloween fans, so I never have developed that particular interest. But I did like the occasional office Halloween party (in Utah, during the day, so no, it wasn't like it was anything prurient or anything). And I'd love to coax the puppy into a Halloween costume (although I think it might be a year or two before I can do that...).

This year, I'm actually giving serious thought to carving a pumpkin. However, that might suck me into the whole Halloween/Trick-or-Treater thing. I actually wouldn't mind dressing up (in what, I'm not sure, although I've got a 'Queen's Robe' (with fake ermine and everything) kicking around) and handing out candy to the kids. The problems with this whole fantasy is that 1) Ben, the sick poodle, would go bananas anytime anyone came up to the house, 2) our street isn't lit and our driveway isn't lit (not to mention our porch being sketchily lit), so there's no way anyone would find us anyway, 3) the HOA probably has some 'Halloween regulations' that I know nothing about, and would get stuck with tons of candy and no kids (no loss there.... the candy would get eaten....), and 4) I doubt that the spouse would be super excited about trick-or-treaters; he's not so keen when the UPS man comes, so I doubt that kids in funny clothes looking for handouts would excite him.


So, maybe I'll just carve a pumpkin and light it for myself. I keep passing the supermarket 'pumpkin patches' with the urge to buy one. I guess it is tomorrow or never, huh?

Speaking of tomorrow or never... Brach's Harvest Mix. When I was a kid, my Dad would sneakily buy bags of candy corn (my Mom never approved) and let me snack on it. And then, after I was about 8, I didn't eat the stuff. So about a month ago, I bought a bag of Harvest Mix (candy corn, Indian corn - or whatever it is called - and pumpkins). All sugar, no nutritional value, and great in VERY small doses. However, it will all go away tomorrow, so I guess I'd buy a couple of bags before everything turns over to Christmas decorations...

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