Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hiya. I have just realized that I spent about 90% of my time talking to Mom and Dad, and that most of that doesn't get relayed (not Mom and Dad's fault; I'm just sort of lazy....). And since I like to record daily/weekly events in my life, I'm doing the Blogger thing.

Don't expect this to be exciting. This is going to be me decompressing at the end of a day/week/whatever. Sometimes it's easier to write than to talk. And certainly, I've got a lot of blah-blah-blah that isn't worth talk (or typing, but typing seems to be therapeutic.... *grin.... I can't remember her name, but the lady that was my typing teacher ("asdf-jkl;" and yes, I STILL look at the keyboard....) would be surprised....).

And yeah, I like parentheses. *grin.

Anyway, hi guys!!!!

As for what's going on in the world? You've got the email regarding Ben (eh....), and the rest of things. I'll certainly post Fiona (and Family) pictures here.

In other worlds? I'm reading Gone With the Wind. I know this is something that every teenage girl reads at about 13, when she watches the movie and falls hopelessly in love with either Ashley or Rhett. Me? I was just irritated at Scarlett for being such a Dumbass. But I picked up 'Rhett Butler's People' at the grocery store when I was expecting a long stay at a tire shop. And as I read, I realized that I had probably missed a lot of the story. So I bought a copy of Gone With the Wind. And like with the Harry Potter series, there's a Whole Lot More in the book than in the movie. (Duh. You'd think I'd know this.)

Anyway, it is fascinating me. Especially since I am also reading 'Valley of the Dolls'. Why? Eh, as I'm reading it, I'd say the same thing. I'm reading it because it struck me as one of those things (like Gone With the Wind) that any remotely aware person has read. Frankly, it is incredibly insipid. GTWT (Gone With the Wind) has its insipid moments, but Valley of the Dolls? This seems like a female 'Catcher in the Rye'; self indulgent, over-rated, and maybe scandalous in the time it was published, but now, there's a lot more 'fluff' out there that has a lot more plot.

Eh. So I've read it. I'm actually more interested in Gone With the Wind. Enough so that I've got 'Scarlett' on order. As a romantic, I hope to hell that Scarlett stops being such an idiot, but there's a big book ahead of me, so we'll see.

And on that note, I've got to deal with doggies. More later.

Dr. Liz

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sillycakes said...

LOL...I am a GWTW nut, but I totally have not read Valley of the Dolls. I'll have to get on that.

Good to see you!