Monday, July 17, 2017

It's Definitely Summer!

And it's HOT. Okay, so we don't get that surface-of-the-sun temperatures that some of you experience, but for us, it's HOT.  At least we finally got hair cuts!  And for those of you who say that dogs are cooler with their coats on because they act as natural air conditioners, while that may be true for some dogs, for me, it's not. Trust me - when I'm woolly and it's hot out, all I do is pant and get restless, and when I'm restless I wake Mom up in the middle of the night because I'm bored. And Daisy is clearly more bouncy (which is not really a bonus in my mind...) when her furs are shorn. So for those of you who are cooler with your coats on, I'm happy for you, but for us, we prefer to be nekkid. (And yes, we are careful to not get sunburned - our furs aren't THAT short - although we do have sunscreen, just in case!)

Here are some before photos:

Daisy's face doesn't look very shaggy, but her body was getting shaggy:

So, we were very happy to be made nekkid!

In other excitement, Daisy has actually caught a couple of tennis balls!  Given that she prefers to chase me, rather than work on her own catching skills, the statement demands all the emphasis it has been given.  What is even more shocking is that Mom managed to get photos of the tennis ball catching action!

But not to worry, friendly people living in the interwebs, this is not a sign of the Apocalypse, you do NOT need to top off your food storage, and/or you don't have to prepare yourself for the Rapture (well, not that I know of, at least...).  Daisy still continues to miss on a regular basis.... I'm chalking the above photos up to the whole 'infinite number of monkeys, infinite number of typewriters....' theory.

This is more like it...

Mom does try to mess with her, though - once Daisy picks up a tennis ball, Mom will throw another one to see what Daisy does.... In short, Daisy holds on to the one she's got, and tries to trap the other one... I see a future in minor league baseball for her!

It makes Mom chuckle. And to be honest, it makes me chuckle, too! Heehee!

I, of course, and nothing but grace...

Okay, maybe I'm not always graceful, but I try....
Anyhoo... Moving on.

One of the nice things about having shorter furs is that it makes hiking easier - we are less likely to pick up travelers - both seeds and bugs. We are also more comfy on our hikes.  You will notice that there are no photos of me and Mom, because Mom was wielding the little camera on the hike.  But we were right there was Dad and Daisy.  The hiking is great because it gets us off the hot pavement, and there are sections that have some shade - which is better than walking on the streets in the neighborhood!

Oh, and on a final note, here are the latest pictures of Little Lucy (admit it, you KNOW you want to see them)....

Lucy is the one on the right, with the teeth!

She's being coy here, but she'll quickly learn that looking at the camera results in snacks!
Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Crazy Daisy the Bandersnatch (and almost Little Lucy)


Kinley Westie said...

Little Lucy are such a cutie!

Molly the AireGirl said...

I love the pictures where you have one tennis ball in your mouth and another one is heading your way, Daisy☺ Lucy is just adorable!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Lucy is precious. Bet you guys felt good being nekked
Lily & Edward

Murphy said...

Three girls is gonna be a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

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