Sunday, July 9, 2017

All Sorts of Excitement

What's the quote/curse "May you live in interesting times'? Yeah, well, while the origin of this statement may be in question, I think if it's not a curse, it's at least a cautionary statement.

Heehee.  Okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic.  But there's all sorts of excitement going on here, and I gotta tell ya, one of the bits of excitement terrifies me just a wee bit...

But before I get to the terrifying part, let's go to the fun part.  On Saturday, Mom and Dad took Daisy to the local dog park - partially because she has definitely outgrown her little wading pool, and also because they thought Daisy might benefit from the mental stimulation and subsequent exhaustion that comes from the dog park.  I was more than happy to stay home.

It took Daisy a little bit of time to not be overwhelmed by the hoards of doggies running around, and it took her a little bit more time to brave the pond at Willow Creek Park.

She wasn't quite sure about the swimming thing to begin with!

It could be because the Loch Ness Monster nudged her when she jumped in the pond!  Heehee!
Daisy quickly figured out the swimming thing.

She hasn't quite reached the point of diving off the dock at the pond, but she was leaping in the water with wild abandon!

She also quickly mastered the "I'm all wet and running right at your camera" skill - which is an important thing for any self-respecting doggie!

And she is working on the shaking as much water off herself as possible in order to get the maximum number of people wet!

It's that 'I'm wet and running at you" thing again!
Today (Sunday) Dad suggest that I come along with Daisy to the park. Well, Dad had tennis balls in his hand, and I will admit that I have a weakness for tennis balls, so I was ready to go!

Now, for those of you who have known me for quite a while, you may know that I started swimming before Abby did (yes, this was like 7 years ago), but for reasons that I'm not sharing with anyone, once Abby started swimming, I sort of lost interest in swimming.  So, Mom was a little concerned about my interest in the dog park.

But, when we got there, and we got away from some of the packs of doggies running around, I re-discovered my love of swimming.  Oh, joyous swimming!

Mom likes the water spirals that my tail made here!
But lookit me! I am the mighty swimmer!

Not surprisingly, Daisy was more interested in harassing me than anything else...

She had also overcome her reticence regarding the other doggies at the park, and was frequently found playing with other doggies (fine by mean - I was able to swim after tennis balls mostly uninterrupted!).

Daisy is the black blur on the right, all ready to bitey someone....
She did do some actual swimming, too.

I had a GRAND time, and was really happy to be in the water (it's been HOT here, and swimming is a nice way to cool off a bit!).

I'm ready to dash into the water!

Yep, I'm a happy girl!

Crazy Daisy!
So, that was all great fun.  Now, on to the other excitement, and what some of you have been waiting for with bated breath (while others of us are wondering where Mom and Dad's collective marbles have gone...).

For the two people in the world who didn't already know, Daisy is getting a puppy.  I don't have the patience for puppy shenanigans sometimes (hey, I'm going to be 9 years old tomorrow - puppy craziness is sometimes a little much for me), and Daisy could definitely use someone closer to her own age (and craziness).  Her playing with a Jack Russell Terrier puppy at the dog park today is a clear sign that she needs a crazy friend.

Mom and Dad discovered that Daisy's biological parents were having another litter (this is the same breeder that Abby and Daisy and I all came from - a very responsible breeder, and since I am the model of The Perfect Dog, Abby and Daisy, and now Lucy all have me to thank for!).  Mom and Dad (the ones who have lost their marbles), have been in contact with the breeder, and went out today to pick out Daisy's puppy (I took the time to look for flights to anywhere that will be Puppy Free).

So, I present to you Lucy-fur (puzzled? Read it out loud...).  Daisy's puppy... Hopefully Daisy and Lucy will drive each other crazy, and I can relax on the bed, and chase tennis balls in relative peace. Or, I'm going to lose my tail-feathers to Yet Another Puppy. *sigh*  She won't come home for another 4 weeks, but this is the first glimpse of Miss Lucy-fur.

Okay, fine. She is kinda cute. Of course, she barely has teeth at this point.

Mom is squeeing about the fat puppy belly. I think Mom has lost her mind.

Lucy has been 'identified' by the teeny puppy collar that both Abby and Daisy used.

She's TINY right now!

She's already practicing her Doodle ballet moves!
Yeah, she's cute. But she's going to have sharp little teeth, and she's going to be CRAZY! (She's a puppy, she'll be crazy by definition...).  I'm going to start reviewing all the things TaiChi taught me about letting the youngsters (of whom I was one) go nuts while the Grande Dame (who will now be me) reclines on the pillows.

Needless to say, I am sure there will be more photos of Lucy-fur.  (I sort of think she should be named Karma, and Daisy should be forced to protect her tail-feathers, but I don't have a say in these things.  Besides, Mom is all excited to say "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do".  Did I mention that I think my Mom has lost her mind?!?)

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Crazy Daisy (who is still a Bandersnatch)


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh lukhky woo!


PeeEssWoo: We still remember your posting about getting that furst sister - now Angel Abby - better start napping - woo will need all woo khan get!

Molly the AireGirl said...

Lucy is just too adorable! I love the swimming pictures! You girls have all the fun! Happy Birthday, Fiona! We hope you have the most wonderful day☺

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my dawg!!! Oh my dawg!!! Welcome you little precious stuffie
Lily & Edward

Katie Dawn Wing said...

I stil can't believe that you are getting a Lucy of your very own Daisy. If she lives up to her name you will have fun beyond belief. As a Lucy myself I should know. I am quite adorable and fun and cause absolutely no mischief whatsoever (My mommas laughing as I paw this).

I wish santa paws would bring me a puppy of my own. I sure would love a little sibling.

Puppy Growls,

Murphy said...

Lucy is a beauty! We loved swimming at your pond before too!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

The Army of Four said...

She's simply adorable!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello fiona and daisy its dennis the vizsla dog hay yore noo impending baby sister shoor is kyoot!!! i do not no wot it is abowt baby animal bellies but it mayks the hyoomans looz their minds my mama and dada kept going on and on abowt the hipster kitty bellies too and they ar not eeven puppies!!! so weerd!!! ennyway i am shoor lucy and daisy wil hav a lot of fun beeing rapskallyuns wile yoo fiona reekline on the sofa and eet cookies!!! ok bye