Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Much Excitement!

Okay, so in my long absence (even if it has only been a couple of days, it feels like I've been gone for ages!) there has been Much Excitement going on. Especially if you consider booming and banging and the moving of ladders around the house "much excitement". Which it is. Kind of. In an annoying sort of way.

There has been much painting and yard work, and organizing of the inside of the house. So much work, in fact, that we got our own dumpster. You're jealous. Admit it!

There has been much pruning and digging and whacking away at things...

In addition to general pruning, and digging out (our back hillside is a landslide waiting to happen!) there was some Major Tree Removal. See these trees at the back of the house? Note: yes, there is snow on the ground, and Abby is a midget. Which means that Mom and Dad weren't really thinking ahead, and failed to get a 'before' photo...

Here's another picture of the top part of the trees:

The point is, there were aspens on the back side of the house. They look all pretty and everything, but they were growing soclose to the house that they were banging against the side of the house and beating up the wood, they were also growing funny because they were close to the house. So... Mom and Dad decided that they had to go.

And Uncle Larry The Crazy Intrepid made them go away.

And mostly managed to not have them land on him or take out the little satellite dish in the process!

Here's the After Picture (despite not having a before picture...)

Mom assures me that the stumps will be removed, too. Which is a good thing, because it seems to me that if the trees are supposed to be gone, they should be ALL gone...

In addition to all of the yard work, Uncle Larry has also been painting. Our house was painted during the last Ice Age, and not since then, so he's had his work cut out for him. Mom and Dad decided that this would be a great time to change the color scheme from a weathered, flaking, urban decay theme muted color scheme to something with a little more "pop".

Here's the final result:

The house is a light tan, the fascia is darker brown and the 'accents' are red. It looks WAY better than it did before.
You might have to biggify this picture to see the red accents. And no, there wasn't an earthquake - the photographer was just a bit off-kilter!

Apparently we are to be getting a new roof (the house has the original roof, and apparently the wood shingles are past their sell-by date, or something..). But since Abby and I were a little miffed when Uncle Larry was crawling around on the roof working on our chimney and painting, Mom and Dad have elected to move into the House With Wheels when the roof is being done. Mom says that this is supposed to happen tomorrow. Wow. In a week or two, it'll be like we have a whole new house!

In other excitement (I told you there was a lot of stuff going on!), Mom and Dad had a car race yesterday, so Abby and I stayed home and played with Jessi (the woman who is teaching Mom to feed us turkey hotdogs) while Mom and Dad got up super early, drove around a parking lot, and came home after a very long day. They were racing together (co-driving), so they didn't get any pictures of each other. Again. But they managed to drive together and are still talking to each other, so it must have gone well! Heehee.

Here are a couple of random pictures Mom managed to get:

But, enough of all of that. This is MY bloggie, and there has been a serious lack of pictures of me in this post. So... Here's one more house picture and then some pictures of me and Abby playing fetch today...

Lookit me! I can fly!!!!


So there you have it; Much Excitement!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

PeeEss: Mom wanted to state that while Abby is most certainly a Hippobottomus, she's not fat. She's just big boned. Heehee! Okay, to be fair; she's all muscle. Like me. I'm just a bit more gazelle-like, while she's a bit more, ah, Hippobottomy! Oh, and while she gets a bunch of treats, so do I. We are equally spoiled!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Will she fit through all the doors?

PeeEssWoo: GREAT pikhs!!!

BRUTUS said...

We are most impressed by the goldendoodle levitating going on there at the end of the post. We didn'd get nearly as much "laboring" done as you guys this weekend, feels like we've been away forever too! Oh, and mom likes the new paint job on the house (sorry we can't comment, dogs not seeing color well and all - everything is pretty much tan to us no matter what!)!

Brutus & Carmen

central bark designs said...

Who knew you could fly?

House looks great. Nice you got a little break for the new roof!

Oh- big boned? Really? That's what all the hippybottomy girls call it! HA!

From one gazelle like creature to another - Abbey

Dennis the Vizsla said...

There is a thin line between intrepid and crazy, isn't there?

Dory and the Mama said...

We just love all the action shots!!!

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

PeeS...wasn't your last ice age like...last winter?? teehee

The Mama Monster said...

The house looks great!!!!

~The Monster Crew

Wild Dingo said...

I see someday a hippobottomous sitting on poor Fi and Fi will be a Flat Fi...as opposed to a variable fee or fixed fee. Hahahaha. Get it? A Flat Fee?

ok, you should be nicer to her. she can flatten you, you know. just pointin' out the obvious!

Kari in WeHo said...

I really like the pops of red :)


The Thundering Herd said...

The house looks really great. The hu-dad says you can stop by here and spruce things up if you are feeling bored now that things are (almost) done there.

bichonpawz said...

The house looks just terrific!!! We love all the ACTION shots!! Especially your FLYING!!! WOW!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

hero said...

For a moment I thought the weather went crazy and it was snowing in Utah, hehe... love your zoomies and action pics.

Licks, hero

1000 Goldens said...

Nice work humans! Everything looks nice (including puppies flying through the air).