Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mom has really been slacking

*sheesh* I know that I have mentioned how tough it is to find good help around here, but since Mom and Dad are "skiing" more, Mom is getting behinder and behinder. I mean, they leave in the morning, locking up the two little dogs, and leaving me in charge (note from Fi's Mom: both Abby and TaiChi are crated - separately - because Abby is too little to be trusted, and TaiChi seems to have lost 'reverse' and so she will walk into a corner and stay there until she is rescued; by crating her she can't get into situations that she can't get out of). Which is fine, because I can totally run this house. Bark at the UPS guy? Got that covered. Bark at the racoons? Yep. Totally. Bark at the girls in crates? Yep. Hide in the other room when Abby starts to make too much noise? All over that! (Luckily TaiChi is kind of deaf, and sleeps a lot, so she can ignore Abby's drama queen ways pitiful cries...)

So Being In Charge is totally cool, especially since I've got complete run of the house. But once Mom and Dad get back, Mom has "things to do". Like getting the little Abby-Monster outside so she can piddle. And getting TaiChi outside, so she can piddle. And feeding TaiChi (more on this...), and finally getting around to getting me outside. (Having the best bladder in the household seems to be a bit of a curse, if you ask me. But I'm a Good Dog, so I'm not going to protest in some unhygienic way.) And then Mom has other Things To Do, like ROTEs (which I sometimes get to go on), and taking TaiChi to the vet, and on and on and on. And at the end of the day, she wants to watch teevee with people doing wintery sports in Canada.

Eh. Thinking about this, I guess I'd rather that she be refereeing me and Abby than helping me type. But still. You'd think she could do all of that and help me type. But whatever.

So.... Enough griping. First, we received our awards from the Relentlessly Huge, for our wins at MangoMinster. Wow. Even I'm impressed at how well we did. Totally cool. Thanks to everyone who voted for us, and to the judges, and to Mango and his Momma for putting the whole thing on! (Oh, and thanks to Moose for the pre-competition partying; that was So Much Fun!!!)

Thanks to everyone for honoring my Fallen Comrade, Mr. Bufus. We miss him every day. Mom is going to print off a copy of this to go by his picture in the the living room.

Two awards for TaiChi!!! I can't believe how she just dominated the 'Bad Sport' group. Oh. Wait. I totally can. Especially when I tell you about her latest visit to the vet. You Will Not Believe This. But more on that in a bit.

And me!!! Sporty Dog!!! I am so thrilled with this!!! Because I LOVE everything sporty (except for maybe "skiing" since I can't do it with Mom and Dad). Thank you So Much!!!

We are very honored to have been a part of MangoMinster 2010, and very flattered to have done so well! Thanks EVERYONE!!!

Now, on to TaiChi. Wow. You cannot believe the latest. Mom took her to the V-E-T yesterday to have a check-up, since she's a million years old. They checked her blood pressure, and her eyes, and stuck her with a few needles, and did all sorts of other Old Dog Check-Up things. And then Mom talks to the vet about how TaiChi is losing weight. And he says that yes, because of her kidney problems, she will likely continue to lose weight, but if Mom can get her to eat as much as possible that might help a little. So then Mom says that the night before they had had some grilled sirloin, and she drizzled the juices in TaiChi's dish, and TaiChi was Very Happy about it (which she was). So then, the vet says, "If TaiChi likes steak, and it doesn't cause problems with her digestion, then you could probably give her a little with each meal. It will give her more calories, and it will be something that she really enjoys."

Steak. At every meal?!? You cannot be serious!!!! And what does Mom do? She stops by the store on the way home, and buys some steak, because Mom and Dad don't eat it that often. Top sirloin (because the vet said it should be lean beef). For TaiChi!!! None for me or Abby.


However, I guess I would expect no less from a Champion Bad Sport! (Lucky dog!!!)

And now Mom says I have to end this because she and Dad are going to go do this skiing stuff again. But Mom promises that she'll get some more pictures of me in the snow. Soon. (Uh-huh. I'll be holding my breath on that one!)

*kissey face*

Note From Fi's Mom: The vet did indeed say that TaiChi can have a little steak at each meal. She doesn't get a lot; just enough to make her food more interesting to her, and steak is one of the things that she truly enjoys. Her kidneys are what they are, and a little extra protein isn't going to effect them much. Besides, I think TaiChi would rather have the steak than be on a totally bland diet that she hates. And at 18+ years old, I'm not going to deny her any little bit of pleasure that she can get out of life.


Two Country Poodles said...

Congrats on the Mango awards! TaiChi...Getting old does have its perks...steak at all meals...hmm...can't complain about that.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Congrats on the awards. We're so glad Mr. Bufus got one too. We know you will treasure it.

BRUTUS said...

I think your pack must hold the record for number of awards in MM!! Quite impressive, what a bunch of winners! Abbey has a lot to live up to next year!
Mason share your same responsibilities, Fiona - run of the house while I'm stuck in a crate (something about not being trusted - AS IF!). Mom says he has an "iron bladder", since he used to have to hold if for like 12 hours when dad was at work! Maybe your mom can buy Tai Chi and iron bladder?? Can't be too expensive, but I guess I wouldn't know where to buy one.... And Duncan used to get stuck behind doors (instead of walking through the opening), so he & Tai Chi are definitely kindred souls!!

Brutus the Frenchie

Twinkietinydog said...

Gee, Fiona, your comment was right on! You are the in charge, for now. Sounds to me like you're doing an excellent job being in charge, even if that means going potty last. It's a sign of love. As for the steak..go look at your mom as she prepares the Grand Dame's bowl. Keep looking. Keep looking. You do have an adorable expression, right? What happened next???
Did it work?

Sierra Rose said...

Hi sweet Fiona! Lots going on over there! Wow! Steak for TaiChi?!?!! Mmmmmm...can smell it cookin' from here. Hope you get some too!
Great wins from the Mango Minster!
Thanks for stopping by my site too!!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Martha and Bailey said...

Wow, Fiona, your family wiped the boards at Mango Minster. What a family of stars!
We were especially pleased about Mr Bufus.
We are glad you are in charge when you are all 'home alone'.
We are alone in the mornings but we both just curl up and sleep - sometimes we haven't even moved when mum comes in then we go off and have fun.
So it's not so bad!!!
Take care
Martha & Bailey xxx

Heather and Pumpkin said...

If Tai Chi is getting steak every day, sounds like she is really the one in charge!


The Thundering Herd said...

You go, Tai Chi. We agree - when you get to be 18, eat whatever you want to eat.

Dog Foster Mom said...

Tai Chi, you are my hero for figuring out how to get steak at every meal. I am very impressed with your Bad Sporty ways. Although I'm sad that you lost "reverse" mode - that must be very confusing at times!

Your Bad Sporty friend,

Kari in WeHo said...

isn't it a bummer when parent are busy?

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I was khwite happy to see your sweet sisFUR likes THE SNOW!

Keep up the good work Fiona! I'm sure it will be noticed!

As fur the steak, she's earned it!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Fiona!
Being in charge of everything there while your mom and dad are out sure is hard work!
Congratulations on all your Awards!
Very well deserved!
Sure TaiChi is enjoying a lot more her meals!
Kisses and hugs

Dory and the Mama said...

Pawsome trophies gals!!!


Mango said...

Wow! You guys got a ton of awards. Looks like momma made a typo on Mr. Bufus's award (he got Reader's Choice), but that's OK, he is totally a winner, right?

My Grandpa Angus forgot reverse too and he was only 12 years old, so I guess Tai Chi is doing well, but I don't know about that whole steak thing. Sounds like she is up to her wiley ways. Maybe there will be a little bit left for you.


Wild Dingo said...

We gave Maggie our dingo, steak, chicken, fish, hamburger and even burritto's when she was older and having trouble eating. i figure, why not? no harm in it!

way to go Tai Chi!

that thing about losing reverse, i had to read 2 times... cuz it was so funny and cuz i had to really visualize it! hilarious (but sad...)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

You guys totally dominated Mango Minster all right -- congratulations! Tai Chi earned that steak!

1000 Goldens said...

Your family did remarkable in the dog show Fiona! No wonder you get to be in charge of the household while Momma goes skiing ;)

Ms. ~K said...

Absolutely, give TaiChi anything her little heart desires...All of your pets live long, happy lives because of your excellent care!
Will you take care of me when I get old? (I'm already there!)
So happy the whole family (esp. the Late, Great Mr. Bufus) were winners at MM 2010!
Hugs to all,

Life With Dogs said...

18 is nothing to shake a stick at! Heck, when I think back, I'm lucky I made it to 18!

Let there be steak - and have fun skiing! :)

bermudabluez said...

We are honored to know you guys....real WINNERS! Congratulations! And anyone who makes it to eighteen years of age should be able to eat what they want! Glad TaiChi is feeling well! Hugs!