Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Packing and Puppy Pictures

Mom has been Really Slow in updating because she busy Making Lists, and Organizing, and Packing. See, her job is to make sure that everything (other than car stuff, which is Uncle Charlie's Problem) is organized and ready to go. And by everything, we are talking foodables for me and TaiChi and Bufus, and medicines for TaiChi and Bufus, and treaties for me (and TaiChi), and toys for me, and foodables for her and Dad and Uncle Charlie. And water. We are "dry camping" (no hookups) so Mom has been packing A LOT of water. And she is anticipating grilling (less dishes to wash), so she's had to get propane. And then there are clothes for her and Dad (and since the weather could be anything, she's got to get clothes for a variety of weather conditions). She also has to get their driving gear packed. And she has to get stuff to clean up the House With Wheels in case anyone (*cough*Bufus*cough*) decides to throw up/poo in Places He Shouldn't. And she has to make sure he's got kitty litter, and little baggies to pick up everyone's poo (yes, Mom gets some really choice jobs!). And, well, it goes on and on, and on.

So she's been busy.

Here's a picture she took with her phone when she was unpacking groceries for the House With Wheels. She says it's only a fraction of everything that is getting packed....

Apparently the real trick is finding space for everything.

But, the Good News is that as soon as the House With Wheels is On The Road, Mom gets to relax. Other than to make sure that I am supplied with toys and chewies and that we have regular bathroom breaks.

So, wish Mom luck in getting us ready. It's a Big Job.

Now, on to other stuff. I think I have mentioned this before, but since Mango has been bemoaning puppies, I feel obligated to mention that Mom is talking about me getting a little sister in December. From my biological Mom and Dad; so she'll be my real sister. Mom and Dad are already talking names, and are really leaning toward Abby. Not after my friend Abby, but after Abby from NCIS. Yes, my Mom and Dad are going to name my little sister after a teevee character. Which is fine, because I am named after a teevee character, too. A lot of people think that I am named after the Fiona from Shrek, but in fact, I am named after Fiona Glenanne from the teevee show Burn Notice. Mom and Dad definite pick names of strong female characters (who just happen to like to blow things up and drink lots of caffeine).

And to get you thinking about Mini Me, here are a few pictures from my puppy days.

Heehee. I'm TOTALLY sacked out! Being a puppy is Hard Work!

Me and my favorite big sister.

With a face like this, how could you NOT want another puppy?!?

*kissey face*


Ms. ~K said...

OMD!!! You were the cutest little pupper!!! I just want to kiss that snooter!
I'm organizing/packing for a 2 month RV trip...we leave next Tues...

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I guess if woo khouldn't be a khute little SIBE puppy!

Happy Pakhking!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Fiona!
Looks like your mom has been very busy!
Hard work I'd say!
Thanks for sharing your puppy pictures!
Kisses and hugs

Sunny said...

Hi Fiona,
You sure were a cute puppy!
When your Mom is really busy, like packing and rushing around do you lay on the floor like a speed bump and she has to almost trip over you before you move? My Mom gets very persnickety when I do that!
Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Tell me about it! My wife wants a new puppy every time she sees vizsla puppy pictures!

The Thundering Herd said...

The House on Wheels may take some prep work, but it sure is fun to be out in it!

Mango said...

Skip the cute puppy names and go right to the real thing... AnnoyingPainInTheButt. If you need to hide out at my place until the little pest is fully grown, just let me know.


bermudabluez said...

I sure can relate to the packing part!!! Feel like I've been doing just that for months on end! Good Luck with getting all organized...and Fi....you might just love havin' a little sister!

Life With Dogs said...

A new family member? That is something to get seriously excited about! Is there room in the house on wheels?

Clive said...

Busy household - good luck with all that packing!

We loved seeing your puppy photos Fiona. I arrived here at 14 months so the not-so-little man never saw what I looked like as a puppy. He was thrilled to see your photos this morning.

Take care

Dory and the Mama said...

Hi Fiona!!

Good luck on the road...just a note that I saw NO big bags of Fiona food on that counter..you may want to check with your Mom on that, just sayin'...;-)

I have mixed feelings about getting a little sister next March...did you know...when there is another puppy in the house IT GETS A BUNCH OF ATTENTION??!!

I did NOT like that too much when UP was staying with us.

Have a great trip!!!

Bell and Kimberly said...



Martha Basset said...

Hi Fiona
Yes you were the most adorable puppy and we would love a puppy just like you!
We are so excited about a puppy in December!
Perhaps one day when our mum is able to retire .........
We also have to pack loads and loads into our house on wheels - we sometimes wonder how it manages to travel!!!
Enjoy your trip!
Martha & Bailey xxxx

YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Fi, your mom sure has a lot to do on her list. We wish her luck! Our mom has to do the same tomorrow because we are going camping for 3 or 4 days.
We hope you guys have fun and hope your mom doesn't forget anything. :)

Kissy face,
Sam & June

the 4 Bs said...

hi Fiona, that's cool how your parents like to pick names. we like Abby from NCIS too. she's funky! that's exciting that you will get a little sissy. we like lots of playmates! hee hee!

have fun in your house on wheels.


Sierra Rose said...

Hi Fiona! Ohhhhh what a sweetie pup you were!!! Wish you had been in my puppy play class! Funnsville.
My mom is going to be packing us again as well....but, she seems to be getting it down...never really unpacks at this point, as we seem to be going somewhere most weekends. She always puts in 2 BIG jugs of water, my chewies, and a sun umbrella for me!! Have FUN!!
I think a puppy pal would be really fun for you.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose and her mom

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

I think we better stop mom from staring at your cutie patootie baby pictures before she does something we will not be happy with! BOL

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

BRUTUS said...

Hope you wheelie house has a big basement & lots of hidey places!! Be careful you don't stand still too long or you might get packed too!!
Such cute puppy pictures. My mom said she could almost feel you soft fuzziness fight through the computer screen :)

Brutus the Frenchie

The Army of Four said...

CUTE pix!

1000 Goldens said...

Fiona, I swear you are the cutest puppy. Think of all the new blogging material you will have with a new kid in the house :) We hope you have a great trip and enjoy all those foodables.

Nika + PARKER said...

Wow you sure are a cutie. I am Parker nice to meet you!

Sally said...

What great pixs! Boy, you even have the kitchen sink with you. Hope you have fun on your trip and get lots of walks.

We just wanted to also say a big thank you for the support you gave us during Paddy's illness - it meant a lot and really helped us through.

So we are sending extra big happy holiday wishes to you and your humans.

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

PS A new puppy? We can see why - you were too cute!

Owner of Storm and Jackal said...

That last picture is sooo cute. I also like the one where you are passed out on the couch. So cute!

Also, I tagged you for a fun game. Check out my blog for the details.


Elizabeth said...

Oh you are just the cutest thing!!

Elizabeth & Luna

Twix said...

Ok, I thought I was the cutest puppy ever but I'm thinking you might be giving me a challenge. Too bad Mom can't find my puppy pics :0(