Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mom's BACK!!!

Hi everyone!!! I'm BA-ACK!!!

And no, Mango, I'm not drinking "too much" coffee. Why would you think such a thing?!? (Did you forget that I'm half retriever? I can't help being a little, erm, excitable. Heehee!)

Mom made it back yesterday. Finally. She flew through North Carolina (and waved to The Herd - and she says she heard the 'woos' in response!) and then landed in Atlanta, Georgia. And then, well, you know what they say about "the best laid plans," right? Apparently, the plane she was supposed to take back home had, um, problems. I guess the "hi-drawl-icks" in the wing flaps had leaks or something. If she had taken AirFiona, she wouldn't have had these problems. (Given that AirFiona is strictly a 'fixed wing' based organization, and all.)

Mom had actually placed the call to the flight supervisor for AirFiona, and I had the rubber band wound up it all fueled up, and my flight plan almost filed when the air traffic controllers at Atlanta told me that it would be DAYS before I could get a scheduled landing time. Days! Can you believe that?!? I think that Delta is just trying to squash competition from us smaller, more nimble airlines. And, Mom called and told me that she'd be coming home on her "scheduled" flight. Scheduled, schmeduled. Did I mention that we at AirFiona are a proud airline? Yeah, I didn't think it needed to be said, either!

Anyhoo, after many hours delay, and the wings NOT falling off her plane, she made it home. FINALLY!!! Not that Dad didn't do a great job, because he did. But it was really nice to see Mom, since she was gone for SO LONG!!! And to make sure Mom knew how much I missed her, I tried to knock her down when she can up the stairs.

Oh, and to also let her know how much I've missed her, I threw up at 4am. And then again at 8am. (And to make the point clear, I have thrown up the last couple of days, so Dad would KNOW how much I missed Mom.) But Mom was a little worried, so she took me to the vet this morning after I threw up the second time. But the vet isn't worried; he thinks I maybe just ate something and once my stummy was upset, it just sort of stayed upset. So he gave me a shot than stung, and some pills that I'm supposed to take so that I won't throw up. Because while I REALLY missed Mom, I am not sure that cleaning the carpets is exactly what Mom thinks of as a sign of my love for her.

I made Mom sit down today and tell me all about her trip. And apparently, I have some cousins.

Here's my cousin Galen. She's a labradoodle, but Mom says she's smaller than me by quite a bit, but apparently at least as goofy. So she was the surrogate me, because Mom was going through "adoodle withdrawals".

Which I can totally understand. Because how could you NOT miss me?!?

And here's my cousin Tango. She's an older cousin, and apparently knows a good steak when she smells one.

Especially when my uncle is grilling it.

And in that same picture is my other cousin, Meringue, the cat. Mom says she didn't really get to meet her because she's a pretty aloof kitteh.

I guess I've got some human cousins, too, but, well, no offense, human cousins, but I was more interested in my furry cousins. But Mom's got some pictures of them, too, that she'll send out to the humans.

Oh! Yeah! And one other thing! We are going in The House With Wheels this weekend! There is a car race up in Idaho that Mom and Dad have had planned for a couple of months (pretty much since we raced up there last time). So, we are going to head up on Friday, and Mom and Dad will race The Big Yellow Car. Of course, I'll see if I can get some pictures of Mom and Dad while we are up there. But.... (say it with me) House. With. Wheels.!!!! Yay!!!

I'll try to get Mom to catch up on bloggies, but she is going to be busy packing for Idaho, so I'll do the best I can.

*kissey face*


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Why do woo make it so diffikhult fur your mom?

PeeEssWoo: The TH is sooooo lukhky to have wooooo'd at your mom's plane!

Sunny said...

Hi Fiona,
I'm glad your Mom is home. You are lucky to be going in the house with wheels again! What fun!
Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

1000 Goldens said...

Glad your Mom had a goofy doodle cousin to play with when she was gone. They can't live without us, you know, so finding a furry friend while they are away makes things much better.

Mango said...

Hmmm... so happy to see mom that you threw up, eh? That's a new one. Maybe it was actually all the yummers foodables your dad gave you while she was gone.


Miley said...

Hi Fiona, glad your mom is home!!! Love all the pics and especially AIR FIONA!!! BOL!!!

lotsa licks,

Dory and the Mama said...

Isn't it just GREAT to have the Mamas AT HOME!!! Sorry about your tummy troubles...Sounds like maybe Daddy spoiled you too much maybe???


chicamom85 said...

Fiona, I am so glad Mommy is home, she is so busy. Your cousins look very nice. I am sorry about your tummy. I have a sensitive tummy too and when it storms a lot or anything upsets me I get sicky. I understand how you feel.
licks and sniffs, Sasha

Nibbles Treats said...

Glad your mom is home but throwing up? That's a little too excitable. Enjoy your time.

Lots of treats,
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Clive said...

Fiona, hope you're feeling much better now! I've a very sensitive tummy too - have to be very careful what I eat!

Have a lovely trip in the House on Wheels. Lucky you, off again!

take care

Lorenza said...

Hi, Fiona!
I am sure you are very happy having your mom at home now!
I hope you feel better now!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Sorry, I'm still trying to comprehend the concept of "too much" coffee ...

Dog By Nature said...

Have to say throwing up all over the place is a rather unusual greeting, LOL! I'm sure your mom was thrilled:) Have a wonderful trip in the house with wheels.

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh Fiona...that barfin' all over the carpet is assuredly the best way to make ur mom take note that you missed her desperately!!!

Nuthin' better than a 4am carpet cleaning...Scruffy just pulled one of those last week with d i a REAR all over the hall carpet...

Have a fab weekend...maybe you shoulda flown ur little plane up to Ida HO...we love those rubber banded ones!!!


The Thundering Herd said...

We wooed and wooed, but we need our hu-dad to catch us up on bloggies.

Brownie said...

Boo to Delta for being so monopolisitc regarding AirFiona!

I loved all the pictures... especially the one where I could see the steak!!! BOL!

Hope your tumtum stops feeling dumdum soon!