Monday, September 2, 2019

It's Been a While!

Hi! It has been something like 87 weeks since I was able to last cajole Mom into helping me with my bloggie, but here I am!  Before I catch you up on all that I've been doing (and I've got a gazillion photos for you!), Mom has something she wants to say....

Mom here. This is always a hard announcement to make, but for those of you who have not yet heard, three weeks ago an ultrasound found thickening in Fi's intestinal wall, and a week later she was diagnosed with T-cell GI lymphoma. Lymphoma is incurable in dogs, and the T-cell variety is terrible - the survival time can be short (median survival time is 3-6 months, although there is a fair amount of variance on either side of that median range), and for the best quality of life, Fi is on an aggressive chemotherapy treatment. The good news (such that it is) is that dogs tolerate chemotherapy well, and our insurance is very good about covering it. So, while the news is terrible, we will do everything we can to give her the best quality of life possible, and enjoy the time we have with her, however long that may be. Of course, we will keep you posted. For now, Fi is comfortable, eating well, still swimming, and in good spirits, and that is all we can ask for.

Blah, blah, blah. Mom talks a lot, and I have No Idea WHAT she is talking about. All I know is that I get lots of snacks, walks, and smooches.

I have been doing lots of the usual stuff, like going on long walkies....

I'm not all on my own - Mom just photoshopped Dad out of the picture!
And swimming (and getting massaged, of course)!

I have Crazy Toes and Angela has been temporarily decapitated!

Froggie leggies!

Turning kicky feet!

And even some tennis ball action! (Although I think the thrower/photographer is a bit out of practice - something to do with the next generation not ever quite figuring out what to do with tennis balls...)

What kind of throw was that?!?

Still the Queen!

I have also been spending lots of quality time with Mom and Dad, snoozling and letting Mom cook me all sorts of delicacies! 

The youngsters are still Complete Nutjobs.

Just. Plain. Nuts.

Um, yeah. And you wonder why Mom's tennis ball throwing is a bit rusty.

And they both are running around like Crazy Nutters.

And while Daisy can pull off the "No, I'm really totally normal look"....

It's all an act.  She's completely nuts.

Notice that eyeball that glows like the fires of Hell? Yep, total Demon Dog.

Even when I'm trying to look all regal, Crazy Daisy goes all "Dead Beetle" on me...

But lest I leave you with photos of the Crazy Youngsters, why don't you gaze upon me, instead? Mom has been doing some online photography classes (something about 'being in a rut' - I don't know what she means - unless photographing the Nutballs is making her feel like she's shoot the Same Thing Every Day - but it does mean lots of quality one-on-one Mom and Me time, and lots of snacks!), so there are lots of photos of me!

Mom keeps going back and forth on this photo - she doesn't like the harsh shadows on me, but she loves the colors. I personally love the snacks!

Mom says these never get old. I have to agree!

Mom has been working on getting better with backlighting - I like it because I'm not squinting into the sun!

Not part of what Mom has been working on, but I wanted to thank Granny and Grandpa for this really cool carpet!

Yes, I am stunning!

Have a great week, and I am sure Mom will keep you posted on all the stuff she was blather on about up above (I think she said something about LOTS of trips to the Magic Cheeseburger Window - and more ground bison for me!)

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


Molly the Airedale said...

You are such a beautiful girl and we continue to send you lots of positive thoughts, Fiona♥

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "We don't really know what all those words mean either, Fiona."
Chaplin: "We heard some similar ones about Dennis once but not exactly the same."
Charlee: "But we do know that you're right, you don't need to worry about them. Worrying is for the humans."
Chaplin: "Yes, so we send lots of purrs for them while you keep on keeping on."
Lulu: "And I send floofy tail wags!"