Monday, April 15, 2019

Happy Birthday to Mom!

Mom's birthday was this last week, and there was all sorts of excitement surrounding her birthday.  First, in the week before her birthday, the weather was warm enough that Mom actually joined me in the pool for the first time in ages!  (The pool is inside, and the water is warm, but Mom doesn't want to be freezing while drying me off and getting me to the car.)

Of course, there was massage.

And attempts at synchronized swimming!

And much swimming in circles!

Lookit my turning radius!

Angela obviously had a mishap with one of those magicians that saws people in half... Heehee!

See? She needs to talk to that magician about sewing her back together!

Apparently I have ginormous leggies and a teeny head!

Good times!
In addition to swimming, we go snow. Because, of course we got snow. This is Utah in April, after all!

Quick Mom, throw the frisbee before the youngsters go nuts!
Eh, it's not Mom's fault. The youngsters go nuts in about a nano-second!


"Who me? What? I didn't do it! Whatever it was!"

I'm not sure if Daisy has any leggies...

Oh, wait, there are the leggies!

Watch out, Mom!

Seriously, we got enough snow that Daisy lost her leggies. Of course, the new snow has melted already.

Crazy-Cakes, contemplating her next stealth attack on Lucy-Fur!
So, that was all lots of fun!

And then Dad's Mom and his sister came in to town to celebrate Mom's birthday.  Surprisingly, I was not actually invited to any of the birthday dinners - but we all got a bunch of leftovers, so I guess it's okay!

There was much going out to eat, in a variety of matching sweatshirts... These photos were taken with a variety of cell phones, so the quality control might not always be up to my usual high standards. Now if they had let me come along, I could have gotten great photos!  Heehee!

Dad didn't get the memo about the sweatshirt!

Here Dad got the memo!

Yet another set of matching sweatshirts. And Mom's favorite potato pancakes and smoke salmon!
Mom had some birthday ice cream!

And there was strolling on Main Street.

In the mornings when there was snow, Mom and Dad took us on walkies before meeting up with our grandmother and aunt (apparently they didn't like the idea of walking 5 miles in the snow.... I guess that's what happens when you live in Las Vegas and Los Angeles!).


Daisy thinks she can take on a snowplow.  For the record, she didn't get the chance!

Snow walkies!

At the summit of our walkies!

Mom and Dad....

Mom is better at getting us to look at the camera than Dad is.... Just saying...

Hey, it was sunny out - not my fault my eyes are closed!

I don't know why Lucy-Fur is hiding....
Once it stopped snowing (and was just raining) our grandmother and aunt joined us for a walk!

I'm such a good doggie that even my nonagenarian grandmother can walk me with no issues!
On some of the steeper sections Mom walked me so my grandmother could pay attention to motoring up the steep grades!

And we all stopped for a family photo!

We also all watched the last few holes of the Masters golf tournament together (and yes, we were all routing for Tiger, and were pleased with the outcome!).

I'm in there somewhere!
Happy Birthday, Mom! It was a great time with everyone!

*kissey face*

-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


Molly the Airedale said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Love those flower sweatshirts and her birthday ice cream looks soooooo yummy!

Jan said...

Totally envious of your talent with a camera.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Happy belated birthday to your mom!"
Chaplin: "I'm sorry you didn't get to go to any of those restaurants, but at least you got to enjoy the best part of the visit!"
Charlee: "You mean spending time with relatives?"
Chaplin: "No, I mean the leftovers."