Sunday, October 27, 2013

Very Scary Halloween Costumes! And Possibly Some Frisbee Photos.

Heehee.   Of course there will be frisbee photos.  Have you not been paying attention for the last several years?!?

But first, our Very Scary Halloween Costumes.  When we went to Petco for our "doggy class"  (which is frequently a chance to go stroll around Redstone and enjoy the sunshine and "socialize"), we discovered that Synderville Recreation (our local public rec program) was doing a fundraiser where various local businesses paid money to set up tents to advertise while providing an opportunity for families to come out and do the trick-or-treat thing.  Since we had not come dressed for Halloween, Abby and I had a quick discussion...

"Hey Abs - what do you think about dressing up as well-behaved doggies?"  "I dunno. Do you think we can pull it off?"

Of course we could pull it off.  We are both Good Citizens; we can fake good behavior for short periods of time.  Especially when treats are involved.

We realize that some of you doggies may find the concept of being well-behaved to be rather scary, so be forewarned - the next photos involve very graphic depictions of us pretending to be well-behaved doggies.  Feel free to scroll down to the frisbee photos if you find yourself getting too scared!

"Psst.  Fi.  What is this creepy monkey thing?"  "No idea.  But try to stay in costume!"

"Abs, don't look behind you right now, but there's a ginormous cat getting ready to pounce."  "When do we get to take off the "well-behaved doggie" costumes?"
We were even so well-costumed that we suckered another business to "lend" us their bowl of candy.

"Hey kids!  You want some candy?  You're going to have to get past my full-bottomed sister.  Good luck with that!"

"Fi - are there any bully sticks in there?"   "I'll look.  But I bet that wellness clinic booth we passed is only handing out Dentastix."  "Oooh.  Let's not go back there!"

"I'm totally pulling off this well-behaved doggie costume.  I bet if I sit here long enough, someone will give me a steak!"
Alas, Mom thought I'd be waiting for a while, and she wanted to keep walking.... *sigh*

While we were walking in the beautiful sunshine, because of the time of day, most of the 'photo ops' Mom got of us standing in front of the nature preserve had us in shadows.  But she tried.  Because it was a beautiful day!

"Can we take off the well-behaved doggie costumes yet?"

"Hold on, Abs.  Our hour of class is almost over.  THEN we can take off our well-behaved doggie costumes!"
Because we are civic-minded doggies, we wanted to support the Scoop-the-Poop movement by posing next to a poop-scooping sign!

We made it through An Entire Hour in our Well-Behaved Doggie costumes.  For those of you who were scared by the concept of being well-behaved for an entire hour, *cough*Sam and Pippen*cough* we hope you skipped the above photos.

Of course, the rest of the week we were our usual selves, chasing after frisbees (and Some Doggies not retriving them) and going on walkies and whatnot.

As many of you may know, I am a nice older sister - I pretty much let Lard Butt Abby have whatever she wants.  In fact, I usually let her steal frisbees thrown for me, because I'm nice like that.  But every once in a while, I have to stand up for myself.  I can't let my dear sister think I'm a total push-over.


"This one is MINE.  The road-kill squirrel ones are YOURS."

"Mine again!"
But do not think that Abby was frisbee-deprived.

My sister, the Levitating Hippobottomus

And Frisbee Hoarder.

You know it's Fall when the shadow is twice as long as the dog!

"Okay, Abs.  I'll give you that one!"
And, of course, there were frisbee antics...

Clearly the Doodle Launcher was on the fritz again...

Doodle Laucher still in need of precision calibration.

I even braved the Doodle Launcher, knowing that it wasn't fully operational...

Launched Doodle or Happy Dance with Frisbee Accessory?  You be the judge.

Just so you don't think it's All Abby All the Time!

She's just got bigger springs in her legs than I do!

But I've got great paw-eye coordination!
So, yet another wonderful week in the books!

Yes, it really was that gorgeous this weekend!

And for the record, my sister and I do stop moving occasionally, and we snuggle up, too!

What's a few Doodle-cooties among sisters?  Heehee!

Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


Murphy said...

That was a very cute sissy photo! Those were good costumes too! What class are you ladies taking? Your frisbee moves are impressive!

Your Pals,

Murphy and Stanley

Pee Ess - Did you notice there is another Doodle blog? It is a boy named Spencer and he is handsome!

Sam and Pippen said...

We are so traumatized by your costume photos that we've taken to our beds... we won't be able to move for the rest of the week!

Some things you just can't unsee!

We might need therapy!

Or cookies... maybe chicken...

Sam and Pippen

GOOSE said...

WOWZERS! You girls sure know how to handle a Frisbee. I am speechless.

Taffy said...

Fi, I love the photo where you are about to kick box your sister! But then I see that snuggle photo and know you would NEVER do that! Glad you had a great week. As you know mine was traumatizing!

Two French Bulldogs said...

I will take tat bowl of candy

harrispen said...

Those costumes you girls were wearing were fantastic. My mom is making me dress up as a bumble bee!

I always love your high flying action, but that snuggle picture is pretty cute too.


rottrover said...

OMD!! Those costumes were too frightening. I'm going to have nightmares for a week.


3 doxies said...

They law has mercy, I has nevers seen such skeerey costumes in my life...I was holdin' my breath da entire time...I thoughted I was gonna pass out.
Well done girls!


Mitch and Molly said...

awwwwwwwwwwww - we love the snuggle up picture!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Dexter said...

I can't believe you went around for an entire hour in those costumes. You certainly were convincing. Are you sure that snuggle photo wasn't part of the act too? Looks like a two headed doodle.


P.S. do we need an intervention for the frisbee hoarder?

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We would NEVER have recognized you in those WELL BEHAVED clawstooms... You must have been taking Method Acting Lessons to pull that thingy off fur like 87 minutes.

Newton Golden said...

My Mom is seriously impressed with your good citizen behavior. The thought of me sitting in a public place for a photo is beyond her wildest dreams!

P.S. The cuddle picture is so cute. Maybe I can wedge in between you and make a Newton sandwich?