Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy week!

Hi everyone! Sorry we haven't been around much, but Mom and Dad have had a bit of a crazy week, and Mom is finally 'unwinding' (whatever that means).

Before we get into the excitement, here's a picture of Mom's little grass seedlings. They are starting to pop up (along with about a zillion weeds, but Mom says anything that is green and not a dandelion stays...) and Mom is most excited. We're a little less excited, as Mom says this means No Zoomies In The Yard for a while. Huh? I thought she was planting this lawn for us....

Apparently, these little green things have a ways to go before I can give Abby the smackdown on them. Okay.... We'll be patient. Oh, and that picture was taken a couple of days ago - there are even more little green non-weed things sprouting. (There are lots of green weeds sprouting, too, but Mom is thrilled about the things growing that she actually planted.)

Anyhoo, we haven't been around all week because Dad got the major sickies. He wasn't feeling good Monday night/early Tuesday morning, so in the morning, Mom dropped us off at daycare and took Dad to the Emergency Room.

Dad, with Serious Sickies.

After much sticking of needles and drawing of blood, Mom had to take Dad down to Salt Lake where he was hospitalized for 4 days. While Dad was in the hospital, Mom would take us to daycare, and then go down to the hospital, spend 5-7 hours there, and then come get us from daycare. Going to daycare every day this week was pretty cool. Well, except for the first day, when Mom dropped us off, and she Never Came Back. Well, okay. She did come back, but when 4pm came and went and Mom didn't show up, we were a little worried. Then, when the daycare people fed us at 5pm, they told us Mom was 'delayed'. Mom didn't get there until 6:59 (they close at 7pm, although they knew Mom was coming, and were waiting for her). The daycare people did play with us until Mom got there, but that was A Long Time to be at daycare. It was less fun to come home from daycare, and Dad not be there. But, finally, on Friday, the hospital decided they had stuck Dad with enough needles, and he could come home, so Mom could stick him with needles.

At night, when Dad was in the hospital, we were pretty worn out from daycare, and after a few minutes of post-daycare indoor bitey-face,

we hung out with Mom to keep her company.

This picture isn't the greatest quality because Mom took it with her phone so she could send Dad pictures of us, so he wouldn't miss us too much.

Anyhoo, Dad is doing much better now, and today we went on our first 'real' walk of the summer. With our tons of snow, there has been a lot of melting and runoff, and many of the streams and creeks are full to overflowing. Our walking trail goes through a wetland area, and it was living up to its name today.

We stopped at The Little Park on the way back, but since Dad couldn't throw tennis balls, Mom had to throw the tennis ball. Oy...

Mom, we love you, but throwing tennis balls is not one of your strong suits.... Just saying...

However, Mom did manage to throw them far enough that we could get some zoomies in...

It "warm" (I think today's high was 75 - which is warm, not the blistering heat most of you are getting), so we got some water when we were done chasing tennis balls. (Mom throws like a girl, but it was better than not getting any tennis ball action...)


It's great to get out on our walkies again, and we're really glad to have Dad back home with us (there was a chance he might have had to stay in the hospital until Monday - we're really glad he didn't have to!).

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Note from Mom: Gary had a pulmonary embolism (which is as scary as it sounds), and standard procedure is to hospitalize someone for anywhere from a couple of days to seven (or more) days to ensure he didn't have any further issues. They think it was related to a minor surgery he had last week to remove a malignant melanoma, and he'll be as good as new in time. Conveniently, his 'physical therapy' includes walking the dogs! We were very lucky to a very diligent ER doctor in Park City, and great follow-up by the staff at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. And if you ever have to be hospitalized, the HCI hospital is the The Place to be... Private rooms, a fold-out couch I could have slept on if I wanted to stay overnight (with the dogs, I didn't), I could have brought the dogs in to visit - I wasn't feeling brave enough, besides, I didn't think the girls would do well being there for several hours - and a fantastic staff. Scary stuff, but he couldn't have been in better hands. Thanks for all the moral support from all of our friends and family. -Dr. Liz


Anonymous said...

I'm very happy that everything is getting back to normal for you. I have to say however, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TOOK THE POOR GUYS PICTURE IN THE HOSPITAL!
OMD. And is that the emergency room?????????

Fiona & Abby - listen carefully. If you ever have need of a Dr. really quickly, have your Dad take you!!!

Lorenza said...

Sure it was scary!
Glad your Dad is doing better now!
I am sure those walkies will help him a lot!
Take good care of him, ok?
Kisses and hugs

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

So, did she photoshop the SNOW out of the pikhs???


Kari in WeHo said...

we are so glad to hear your dad is feeling better


The Thundering Herd said...

So glad that your dad is back home and recovering. Paws crossed that there are no more problems. (Though he gets major brownie points letting that picture be posted).

Our hu-dad says he likes "weeds" in our field. They are very hardy and withstand everything nature throws at them.

Mango said...

Your dad is a very good sport to let you post that photo of him looking less than his best. I like his hat and I am so glad that he is home and instructed to go on walkies.

Also, really happy that daycare was available for you. Gosh, I don't go to daycare, but I do get groomed so maybe if it had been us I would have had a bath every day. Hehehe.

Nice job on the lawn. I agree... if it is green, keep it. Once that is all settled, maybe a little weed killer. Of course there will likely be brown crop circles springing up. That can't be helped.


Ruger said...

My mumma & I are fery glad that your hu-Dad is home again wif you. It must have been fery worrying when he was sick. It is fery good that he can go walkies wif you again. Hopefully soon he can do the tennis ball frowing if your Mom is fery bad at it. (My mumma is fery bad at it too, but don't tell her I said that.)

But my mumma finks she might be looking at the wrong bloggie, and there must be two other pretty girl doggies what look just like you two except they live someplace wif grass. Because she finks that you always have snow at your house for zoomies. We hafe never seen any pictures of you wifout snow!!!

Your pal Ruger

Frankie Furter said...

OH GIRRRRLS.. I am so sorry your dad had the scary sickie.. butt very VERY much glad that he was in goood paws and is now all fixed up and able to be out and about with you.

Sorry that your mom THROWS LIKE A GIRRRRL.. Maybe you can get one of those tennis ball Flinger thingys. Ruby and Penny got one fur Mom J and they say it really INCREASES HER DISTANCE!!!

Take goooooooood care of your dad!!

Amber-Mae said...

OH dear. Well, I am glad to know your dad is doing much better now! That looked like a really fun walk!

bichonpawz said...

We are very, very glad to hear that your Dad is feeling much better and is home from the hospital!! Glad you two were good while your Mom was taking care of him!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Anonymous said...

sending extremely positive, healing thoughts your way. you've been through a lot, and we're glad to know things are on the up-and-up!

The Army of Four said...

That's really scary about your dad!!! Please take good care of him, OK?

1000 Goldens said...

We are so glad Gary is okay - that is very scary! I am so impressed that your hospital will let dogs visit. They understand the true meaning of family :) Congrats on your grass - it is always exciting when "it works".

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Holy sox Batman!! What a stressfull and hectic week you all had. We are so happy that your daddy is all better. What a scare. Glad your mama had you and all her friends and fam to keep her "up". Our hooman brother had that malignant melanoma first at 21years and then again in his later 20s. He's 40 now and has been C-free for many years. Catch it early!!
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD & HOotie
ps-Mommy over-seeded our grass area too and what a pain she is to keep us off of it. Sheesh!!

Daisy Dog said...

Wow! Thats scary! So glad he is doing better. Take good care of your dad!!

rottrover said...

OMD!! You miss a few posts and all hell breaks loose! We are so glad that your dad is home from the hospital. That was a very scary sickie he had. Your mom handled everything like a pro, and we're sure you gave her lots of moral support. Butt GEEZ!! We're glad your life is returning to normal...

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Sierra Rose said...

We're so so glad your dad it ok! Sounds like he was in great care, and you had fun at camp. I go for super full days to camp a few times a month when mom has long workie days.
So happy to hear that dad is able to get out on those easy walkies with you, and mom is working on her throwing arm!

Sweet hugs,
Sierra Rose