Monday, May 17, 2010

Mom and Dad have been "busy"

So. Mom and Dad had a Really Big car race this last weekend. They were so busy getting ready for it that Mom hasn't had a chance to take pictures of us. Seriously. At least that's what Mom says.

C'mon Mom. How could you not take pictures of my beautiful snooter? Whatever...

Yeah, um, so. This race was a 'National Tour' event - which means that a lot of the people who race at the National Championships come out for this. So, for the first time since last year's Nationals, Dad and Uncle Charlie had more than themselves to compete against, and Mom and Aunt Linda (Uncle Charlie's wife) had more than themselves to compete against, too.

The big race was at the Wendover Airport (this was the second weekend that we've raced out there this year), and because Friday is full of 'pre-race' events, and the Utah Region was hosting the race, Mom and Dad decided that we'd go out on Thursday. And, because there is another big National race at Wendover next weekend, Mom and Dad towed the Jeep out so we could drive back to Park City after the first race,and leave the House With Wheels out at Wendover for the week. So, we got there on Thursday, and Dad and Uncle Charlie set the course while Mom got the House With Wheels all set up.

There was a big 'paddock' area with lots of houses with wheels and trailers and stuff, but Mom and Dad chose to park away from everyone else (the big paddock area was all on concrete, and far away from the dirt, and since I don't like to piddle on concrete, Mom and Dad wanted to be close to the dirt; also, Mom and Dad are kind of anti-social! *grin*)

Here's the main paddock.

Since Mom and Dad were So Far Away from 'the action', they had to ride their bye-sickles back and forth so their feet didn't get worn out!

Oh, I do want to show you a sponsor that really caught my attention:

It's the big Bridgestone tire truck/tent. Mom and Dad use Hoosier tires, and my tires are my own personal brand, but I am a new fan of the Bridgestone people because one of the nice people from that tent met Abby (who was out on one of her many 'Mom is taking her for a walk because she's driving the rest of us - meaning me and Dad - crazy' walks) and for some reason, he was suckered in by her puppy cuteness (and Abby just sucks that up like a sponge - she's such a diva). He was So Suckered by her puppy cuteness that he stopped by the House With Wheels the very next morning and brought us Vita-bones!!! If Abby and I needed new tires (or doggie cookies) we'd have gone straight to the Bridgestone people!

And while Abby can be a little obnoxious with this whole 'cute puppy' thing, if this face has people bringing cookies to our door, well, I guess I can't complain too much!

Work it, baby! Heehee!

But when Abby wasn't doing her cute puppy thing, she was being a General Pain. Mom says it has something to do with all her needle-like puppy teeth falling out and her Big Dog Teeth coming in. I think it's just because Abby is a pest, but that's just my humble opinion. But she was Such A Pain that Mom took her on a lot of "course walks". In the car racing Mom and Dad do (it's called autocross), they drive around cones, and they can look at the course by walking it, but they don't see it at speed until they race it. The more you walk the course, the better you get to know it. So under the guise of wanting to "walk the course" Mom gave Dad and me a break from The Not-So-Little Monster. Abby probably saw the course more times than most of the racers out there! (Seriously. She was being a Monster!)

Unfortunately, Mom couldn't actually take pictures of her walking the course with Abby, what with not being able to step out of her body and all, and Dad and I were hiding in the House With Wheels, far away from The Giant Pest, so here's a picture of Other People walking the course. And in case you were wondering, Abby only made one 'deposit' on the course - which Mom promptly cleaned up.

Unfortunately for my totally photogenic self, pretty much all weekend long, when Mom or Dad was racing (or working), the other one would ride back to the House With Wheels, take us out (one at a time, thankyouverymuch!), and then get back to "the action". Personally, I think they were trying to avoid The Pest!

However, they did get a bunch of pictures of themselves. Hello?!? Excuse me?!? Whose bloggie is this, anyway? Pictures of people and cars? *YAWN* I'm just saying... However, since Mom generally indulges me, I'll cut her a little slack and let her post some car racing pictures. Just this once.

Here's Dad in the 'Franken-Miata'.

And here's Mom.

And Dad again!

And Mom going 'zoom-zoom'. Heehee.

Here is some of Dad's competition:

Unfortunately, this car broke (which is totally common for the cars in this class), but in the true spirit of competition, one of the other driving teams gave up some of their runs and let this guy drive their car. Pretty cool, I think!

And here are some of the other cars that were out there:
If you are wondering why the cars are going in different directions, it is because they ran the course one direction one day, and then changed it slightly and ran it backwards the next day.

Here's a picture of Mom and Aunt Linda after their runs on the second day:
And Mom sitting in the car looking all racer-y.

As for how everyone did? Dad did okay the first day, and Really Well the second day, and ended up 5th. Uncle Charlie won the class. Aunt Linda came in 2nd in the women's class, and after a really bad first day, Mom did really well the second day, and ended up 3rd (she probably would have been 4th, but for the broken car; the car that broke in the men's class had a lady driver in it as well, and the woman ended up driving a completely illegal-for-the-class-but-very-cool-looking Mustang, and so she had to be DSQ'ed.) Mom and Dad were both very pleased with how they did on the second day, and so while they are Very Tired now, they are happy with how the weekend went.

Next weekend we are back to Wendover for another race, but I am hoping that before that, Mom will get some pictures of me. (Particularly pictures where I am beating up on The Pest, who needs to be put in her place!)

Oh, and we had a moose encounter today, but Mom didn't get any pictures because she was too busy shooing us inside, and panicking about the very pissed off moose in the yard (the moose only got pissed off after we got inside and Dad was trying to get her to leave...)

*kissey face*


bichonpawz said...

Looks like a really good time for everybody! Wish your mom luck!!! Love the Miata AND the Mazda!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I khan't wait to see The Pest kikhking your butt I mean woo showing Abby how things are done!

Great zoomie pikhs too!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello fiona its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow luk at yore mama and dada go!!! the last time my dada tried to ware a helmet like that wuz wen he went gokarting with his company and he got all klaw ... klawstro ... wel ennyway he cudnt tolerayt the helmet and had to flee the korse and spent the rest of the afternoon playing pinball!!! ok bye

Jan said...

We're worried that our humans will think they are driving those great cars and get carried away.

Sierra Rose said...

What a great event!!! Love seeing the wings behind the 'homes on wheels'.... Beautiful cars!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

1000 Goldens said...

Glad to hear your humans are kicking butt on the race track, and that Abbey is helping to increase your treat quota! Life is good :)

Dory and the Mama said...

We love seeing the races Fiona....but we miss your face too!!

Smileys and Snuggles,
Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

Lorenza said...

Hi, Fiona!
Glad you all had a great racing time!
A moose encounter?? wow! that sure was exciting!
Kisses and hugs