Sunday, October 4, 2009

More snow!!!

So, there's more of this snow stuff falling. Actually, it didn't start off as snow. This morning when Mom finally woke up at 7:30 to take me out (she woke up in the night to take TaiChi out, but that doesn't count, as we just go on the porch, and I like to just sniff the fresh air at night) it was raining. Raining!!! This rain stuff is For. The. Birds. Or not, as they all seemed to be snuggifed up in their nests. Or have already gone to the Bahamas, or wherever birds go to get out of the cold.TaiChi stayed under the overhang the entire time. Me? I dashed out into the yard, did my business, and dashed back in, not even checking the usual squirrel hangouts.

Note from Fi's Mom: And then promptly tracked mud all over the kitchen floor and shook herself out all over me. Thanks, darling! But in all truth? It was pretty darn funny to see how fast Fi came dashing back inside.

Laugh all you want, Mom. If you recall, my formative years (okay, formative months) were spent in Arizona. And I didn't experience a lot of rain. So cut me some slack.

Anyway, since none of us (Mom and Dad included) are too keen on snow, we spent the morning snuggled in bed, with Dad doing work and half-watching football, while Mom decided to do a little more stitching on the Bayeux Tapestry. She's actually almost done with the regular stitching. Then she's going to wash it, and then has about 100 hours of back-stitching to do. It will probably take her a year to totally finish it, but I think she might actually do it!

By mid-day, the rain had turned to sleet, and Mom grumbled some more while TaiChi went on the porch (much of which is covered), while I insisted on going out back so I could track in more mud and get the blankies on the Big Dog Bed all wet. Heehee!

It was shortly after that that Mom decided to use the gift certificate that I got from Granny and Grandpa for my birthday to get me this:

Can you believe it? A rain coat?!?

Hmm. Maybe that's not such a bad idea. Because I'm wooly enough that I don't really get too cold (well, I haven't yet), but wet? Yeah, um. I actually don't like the rain. Did I mention that?

And since TaiChi wears her coat pretty much all the time now that it is cooler, Mom thought that she needed another one. Especially since her fleece coat that Granny and Grandpa made is still in the House With Wheels - nice going there, Mom!

So TaiChi got this:

And then Mom noted that neither she nor Dad has real rain coats. They've got lots of stuff for winter, and for cycling, but nothing for *ahem* walking dogs in the rain. I think Mom may have to remedy this situation. ASAP. Not that I necessarily want to go for a walk in the rain, but stranger things have happened.

I had watched the weather forecast the night before, and was certain that the sleet would turn to snow. So I paid very close attention to the weather.

Finally, the sleet turned into real snow. Kind of. It's still pretty wet and slippery underneath. And Mom had promised me that as soon as it was "real" snow, I could go out and get some zoomies in.

And did I ever get zoomies in!!!

Heehee! I look like I'm in 3-D!!!

TaiChi was just happy to have her coat on, and could come inside quickly.

But me? I got more zoomies in when we got Even. More. Snow.

OMD!!! This snow stuff is So Much Fun!!!!

And if it keeps snowing like this all night, tomorrow could be REALLY FUN!!!

*kissey face*

PeeEss: Mom wants me to advertise for her, so here goes: See the thingy at the bottom of this page? The thingy that says "Swagbucks"? It is a search engine, but if you shop at stores that you probably already shop at, but go through their site, you get points, and for every 45 points you get, you can get a $5 gift card. (You can get a bunch of other stuff, too, but since Mom is an amazon junkie, that's the only thing she cares about.) There are tons of stores to shop at, like, Drs. Foster and Smith, and eBags, and Sierra Trading Post, and pretty much any other kind of store you could think of. In short, you get points for shopping, and searching, and they have contests and stuff. If you are on the computer a lot, like Mom is, it's a good way to get amazon gift cards! Mom's gotten $20 in gift cards, and is about to cash in for another $20.

And if you sign up using a referral from Mom, she gets some points too. So everyone wins. (And if you get your friends to sign up, you get points. It's kind of like a pyramid scheme, except everyone gets points). And I guess the search engine is a Google/ combination, so it's not like it is some hole-in-the-wall search engine. Anyway, Christmas is coming up, and everyone needs gift cards, right?!? Okay, I'm done advertising for Mom!

Oh, she says that if you've got any questions, pee-mail her (through my profile), and she'll answer them, because she thinks it's a pretty nifty thing.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...




Dory and the Mama said...

Oh boy...MORE snow...and this is a GOOD thing????

I have a rain coat Fiona, and it is cool...when my Mama takes me out in it!

Dory Mama and Daddy don't have rain gear either...what's up with that??

Ginger Jasper said...

Hello. First the appology. Somehow I lost you from my log list? So you never showed up as blogging.Mum decided to come searching today and here you are. We have sorted that now so will be back. Then I see you talking about that wet horrible stuff, either rain or snow it makes no difference. Yuk I hate it.. I will stay inside thanks. But those pictures of you enjoying it are priceless. I love them. Mum says will that amazon thingy work over here as she uses amazon a lot.
Enough now.. Hugs GJ xx

bermudabluez said...

Your pics are adorable and zoomies look like such fun!~! My girlz would LOVE that! I can do without the is coming soon enough whether I want it to or not! Cool new rain slicker!!

hero said...

Hi Fiona,

Those snow sure looks fun... and cold, brrr. Nice coat there, TaiChi. Did you make a snowdog outside?

Licks, hero

Mango said...

Are you certain you don't want to try out that foo foo haircut... just once? Hehehe. I have never seen an actual real doggie looking like that. I think all those photos must be retouched, don't you?

I think your new coats are great. Sure, you don't mind the snow, but when you take it off you will be nice and dry underneath so you won't leave (shriek) wet spots all over your estate.


1000 Goldens said...

You have serious zoomie style Fiona - no one can question your enthusiasm in those shots! Please remind Momma it is only October. Still barely Fall. She needs to shop for her Winter wearables ASAP to keep up with you in the frozen tundra :)

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your new raincoats are so pretty. They've even got a pocket for cookies so you don't starve!
Mom wants to know if she can see your mom's Bayeux Tapestry when she's all done with it?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Thundering Herd said...

You can never have too much snow, that is what we say. Much better than rain.

dewdana said...

Snow??? Already? I saw your comment on our blog that it is too cold to train outside but I had no idea where you lived and could not imagine some place in the states that was already snowing (ok, ALaska maybe). We are clueless about seasons though I guess we are enjoying our first cold front of the year meaning highs in the upper 80s instead of 90s. Anyways, moose is very jealous watching you pups romp in the snow! I don't think he has ever seen snow but know he would go nuts! We love your coats! Moose has what he calls a fancy boy rain coat but seems to prefer getting wet to wearing it!
Anywho, good luck with avoiding training some more! I assume you pups already come when called inside the house? That is the place to start but most pups get that really fast. Also, we are about to add a 'sit' to our recalls (apparently that should always be a part of a recall... Oops! Who knew?) and are going to do a few sessions inside to start out with.
Moose + Dana

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Tucker used to wear a little coat like that out in the snow and rain when we lived in New York! He liked his jacket okay but wouldn't wear his booties. There was plenty of mud but fortunately the floors were mostly hardwood!

Sierra Rose said...

Those are some fancy coats! I want one too!!! Mom!
Loved the zoomies and the BIG snowflakes. Yeeeaoooooo!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Elizabeth said...

Snow!! How fun. Your zommies were perfect! Love all the warm weather gear as well! Gotta get Luna a cute jacket now. :)

Elizabeth & Luna

The Army of Four said...

At first, I thought you meant they got that puppy for you! :) He IS handsome....

Martha Basset said...

Loving the new coats - how beautiful you both looked and with all that snow you will need them.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Dog By Nature said...

Wow, that was a great zoomie fit!! Snow is so much fun!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Fiona!
I don't have a problem with the rain... but my mom does! Hmmm...
I can believe you have snow there! We had 116 degrees today!
Kisses and hugs

Wild Dingo said...

snow! Woo is lucky Fiona! Juno lives in NorCal and never sees snow. She's always hot. even in the winter! Sigh...