Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weather, and a Weird Cat and an Award

Well, Mom and Dad ended up not going car racing this weekend; the weather forecast didn’t look too good, Dad wasn’t feeling well, and Uncle Charlie (who was going to help with the ‘heavy work’ like changing tires and unloading the Big Yellow Car and stuff) wasn’t feeling well either, so they decided to not go. Which means that the ‘horse power’ mystery remains unsolved. However, there is supposed to be another race next weekend (and it is closer to home), so maybe I’ll get some answers then. Because I still don’t see any horses around here!

Speaking of weather forecast. Eeesh. It rained All Day (well, mostly) yesterday. Today Mom was crafty and took me on my walk before the storms started. Because, apparently, I was a little crazy yesterday afternoon. Me? I don’t think so. It had to have been some other dog. Either that, or it was TaiChi’s fault. She was probably baiting me. If I was acting crazy at all. Which I don’t think I was.

But it was a good thing that Mom got me out today (actually, TaiChi went on a walk, too, but because she’s so Old And Venerable, she goes on a shorter walk than me – her little legs can’t keep up with me, and she likes to take her time) because it started thundering and lightning and hailing. Eeesh.

But enough of the weather. Other than that it means that there is lots of sleepy time with Mom and Dad when the weather is bad. Which is good. If you follow my logic there.

On to other things.

Mr. Bufus.

Mr. Bufus is One Strange Dude. Don’t get me wrong – I have complete and utter respect for him. But he’s a little odd. Get this. He’s a cat, right? Well, there is some debate about whether he’s actually a cat or a very small person in a cat suit, but I haven’t ever been close enough to look for zippers, so I’ll stick with the theory that he’s a cat. And from what I’ve seen on tee-vee, cats don’t like water.

So can you explain this to me?!?

Yes. He is in the shower. With The Water Running!!!!! He will actually go to the shower door and stand there and meow Really Loudly until Mom or Dad will come and open the door and turn the shower on for him so he can get in. As an aside, at 18 years old, he has Clearly got Mom and Dad Trained Very Well. I’ve got to talk to him about his training techniques and see if he’ll teach me some of his Magic. Because I can see how his Skills would be Very Handy.

Very odd indeed.

Oh, and I got an award from Twix!

It means that my bloggy deserves to be shot. I’m not sure if that is good or bad! *grin*

Anyhoo, the rules are that you have to post it to the blog and link to who gave it to you;
choose 5 life situations that could be repeated in slow motion and explain why, and finally list twelve blogs and let them know you've given them the award.

Okay, I got the first part done.

Second: five life situations that could be repeated in slow motion. Hmm…

1. Dinner time. Definitely dinner time. Mom leaves kibble out all day (so that we can nosh if we are hungry – and because Bufus is diabetic and TaiChi is old, it is good to have food out for them in case they get the random hungries) – I only eat until I’m full, so she doesn’t worry about me eating too much. But dinner time? Canned (well…. Plastic-ed) food!!!! And usually it’s pretty tasty.

2. Playing bitey face with TaiChi. I think if it went in slow motion, we could both plan our attacks better!

3. Snoozle time with Mom and Dad. Oh. Wait. That pretty much is slow-to-no motion as it is. Oh well. It still counts.

4. Sneaking up to eat the cat food when Bufus is out of his room. Although maybe I’d get caught more if it was in slow motion. So I guess just the eating the cat food part should be in slow motion. The sneaking part should be in Super Fast Motion.

5. Eating Dingos. They just don’t last long enough. Except when Mom buys the Ginormous Dingos. But she doesn’t do that very often. I usually end up stealing TaiChi’s Dingo, instead to make it seem like it is in slow motion.

As for 12 bloggys? I think everyone I know already has this, because like Twix, I’m pretty new on the block and don’t know too many doggies yet. I’ll have to look around and get back to you on that one.

Time for some snoozling time with Mom and Dad.

Oh, but I can’t leave you without a picture of me. So here I am with my Pearly Whites!

*toothy kissey face!*


Martha Basset said...

Hi Fiona
Congratulations on your Award - we sure hope that nobody shoots you!
Sorry to hear about your bad weather - it did look very wet there.
We go a bit mad if we dont get out for walks too - whatever that means!
Pity about the car racing - your humans would be disappointed.
Still they can look forward to next weekend - we dont know what horses have to do with cars!
We liked your nice toothy smiley face in your picture.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello fiona its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow those ar sum nice kleen toofeez yoov got their!!! and i gess theez dingoes ar not the kind wot ayt me baby??? ok bye

Checkers said...

Fiona - love that final shot! and the cat! well, my cats don't like water - but whatever blows her skirt up I guess - I stand just on the edge of mom and dad's shower - but I NEVER walk in!!!!!!!! I just observe!

1000 Goldens said...

Fiona, I'm glad you got your walk in before the storm, and had more time to rest in the new bed with the humans.

I am with you on Mr. Bufus. Your conclusion that he's a small person in a cat suit is brilliant! I support your quest for zippers - they must be there somewhere!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Fiona!
I hope your Dad feels better now!
I am sure next week you will have a nice weather!
I am like Mr. Bufus. I demand my mom baths!
Congratulations on your Award!
Kisses and hugs

Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures said...

Congrats on your award. Cute pearly white pic.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Heather and Pumpkin said...

Menace used to get in the bathtub, so mom thought he wanted a bath. So she gave him one and he doesn't go in there any more!


Martine said...

WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xo sugar & martine