Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I think I might actually be a snowbird at heart.

Even though we aren’t ski racing this winter, I’m still getting all the ski race training updates (once you are on the email list, I think you are on for life). And while Utah is getting pounded with snow (have I mentioned yet that I am getting snow reports from our friends, and I don’t miss the snow AT ALL?), Park City Mountain Resort has not yet opened up the race arena. Which would be where all the racers train. So, they’ve got the first races of the season this weekend (the 3-4th), and the only gate training people will get is two days from 7:30-9am (before the resort opens) on a hill that will be shared with 5 other teams. Which translates to sheer and utter mayhem at best, and often dangerous conditions.

Did I mention that I don’t miss the ski racing thing at all? And the standing around in a lycra suit in sub freezing temperatures not counting wind chill part of things? Not missing that part, either!

It’s supposed to be 75 today. With the wind, it won’t feel that warm, and maybe it won’t even get up into the 70s – maybe it’ll only be in the mid 60s. But we’ve got clear blue skies, and if you’re in the sun, it is downright toasty. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for when we moved down here. I could pass on the wind; cycling in the wind = not so much fun, but beyond that I’m happy as a clam.

And on that note, I’m going to go sit on the couch in the sun with the puppy.

Oh , and my 10-word New Year’s Resolutions? Walk the dog every day and sometimes fold the laundy. *grin.

Happy New Year’s everyone!


vuboq said...

Gosh. You're right! This is *much* more boring than my blog (Said with love! Said with love!).

I don't think I would miss all that snow either.


Requiel said...

My in-laws left yesterday for Parker. I wouldn't miss the snow either.

Dr. Liz said...

You bitch, you! *grin. (I mean that with much love. And yes, it's true. I'm WAY more boring. I don't even have martinis. Single malt scotch, but since my parents read this, I don't go into great detail about how I scour the town for the best prices on Glenfiddich... So yeah, I'm super boring. But just because I'm boring doesn't mean that I'm going away! Happy new year!!!!!) *toasts you (and Isabella)*