Sunday, September 17, 2017

Yet More of the Same

Which translates into lots of bitey-face and wresting on the part of the two youngsters in the house. Me? While I like to run around and chase tennis balls, I also enjoy spending time on the couch, making sure that all my extremities are tucked in so as to not be bitten by crazy puppies!

Honestly, this is the safest place to be when the youngsters are doing their thing...

Personally, I try to avoid these skirmishes. These two are CRAY-ZEE. So I watch from afar.

I also chase tennis balls while the kids are otherwise occupied! And I want Lucy to have some idea of what it looks like to actually catch a tennis ball, as Daisy is still a little challenged in that department.... Heehee!

When the kids get crazy, I take my tennis ball and go elsewhere.

Occasionally Daisy will get a moment where she can be crazy all on her own...

And Lucy gets lots of ball-chasing time on her own.

Yeah, um.... The youth of today...

This is usually moments before she pushes it down the hill and pounces on it - Mom's still trying to get a photograph of that.

Crazy puppy!

Apparently she likes to make sure Mom knows that Mom needs to throw the ball back up the hill for her....

Crazy puppy!

Not entirely sure why's she's giving Mom that look but she's a puppy....

She looks so innocent here.  Wait until you see yet more bitey-face photos!
Have a great week, and as always, I'll keep you posted (likely from the safety of my couch!)

*kissey face*
-Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


Molly the AireGirl said...

You truly are a saint, Fiona. Your sisters are sure nutty!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello fiona its dennis the vizsla dog hay it shoor is gud wen the yungsters hav eetch other to keep themselvs okyoopied!!! i do not no wot i wood do if i had to entertayn eether charlee or chaplin all by myself i do not think i cud git it dun!!! ok bye