Sunday, July 28, 2013

Collars, Frisbees, Ballet and Things

Where to start?  It's been a busy week! 

Mom and Abby have started 'training' again.  Mom talked to some of the therapy dog handlers she's met at hospital (aka The Great Kibble Provider) and one of the suggestions she got was to have a 'special' leash and collar just for training/working.   One of the other suggestions was to use a 'traffic lead' - a very short leash - rather than the 4-foot long leash we use for regular walkies.  So, Mom hit the interwebs and found a 16" traffic lead and a different collar to be used just for training. 

Today, Mom and Abby went back to Home Depot to test out the short leash.  After a little adjusting (if Abby pulls on a 16" leash, it's a lot more obvious than on a 4' leash, and Mom's a lot more likely to dislocate her shoulder, so they had to spend a little time working on 'loose leash walking') they seemed to have a fine time at Home Depot.  And Mom seems to enjoy having Abby on a short leash!  Can you blame her?  Heehee!

Abby on a short leash!

Really short leash!

I think that leash makes her schnoz look big, don't you?  Heehee!
Abby's 'special' collar isn't anything special in the sense of rhinestones, it's just different from her daily collar.  Here's a close-up of the above picture, so you can see the collar.

Special 'working' collar.
Mom said the Home Depot visit was good (no dislocated shoulders), and she's going to be on the lookout for more places to take Abby to get her used to new and different environments.

"But what about you, Fiona?  Surely you got something new and cool, too?" you ask.  Well, as a matter of fact, I did.  When Mom was looking for Abby's collar she found a place that makes custom collars, and Mom was quite enamored with them, but she wasn't super enamored with the price.  However, the company had a 'bargain bin' of pre-made collars for about a quarter of the price.  So, when she got Abby's collar, she got me a new collar, too.

I liked it so much that I requested that my old collar become my 'training' collar (I don't do as much training as Abby - SOMEONE has to stay home and keep Dad company!), and that my new collar become my daily collar.  So, here is my new, super-cool, super-special collar!

It's the angle of the camera, not the collar that makes MY schnoz look big here!
It's a super-comfy heavy-duty cloth collar, and I think I look rather stylish, if I do say so myself!

In addition to all the excitement of the collars and leashes (and possibly a new tag for each of us - Mom has become a big Etsy fan!), we have been getting in our regular allotment of frisbee funballs time.

Abby's not the only Flying Doodle Sister!

But she does fly! 
And she's big on two-footed catches!

And a two-footed catch with full extension and a quarter twist!
I've got moves, too!
Did she catch it, or just plaster it against her face?
Here's a close-up.  Looks to me like she trapped it against her face!
In spite of some of her 'misses', Abby has some graceful moments.  Here she is, rehearsing for her lead role in the famous ballet "Doodle Lake." 

Look at that extension!  All the way up on her tippy-toes!
But don't let that graceful athleticism fool you.  She's still a goofball.

But she's finally learned how to play tug-of-war with Mom...

"I win!  Now will you throw it again?"

And because I can, here's a gratuitous happy dog photo!

Nifty collar, huh?

Yep, we're happy dogs!


Have a great week!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


garthriley said...

I like your new collars! I don't have a special training collar, but I have collars to wear hiking (and get muddy!) and nicer collars to wear to therapy visits and formal events.

Amazing frisbee action as always!


harrispen said...

You both look good in your new collars. Both of you are very talented frisbee catching doodles too.

Millie & Walter

Mitch and Molly said...

We love your new collars! It must be collar season because I got a new one too and our moms think the same way - Etsy is the best!

Love ya lots♥
Molly and Mitch

Dexter said...

There was a doodle in the dog school class after mine. We did a meet and greet exercise but she wasn't interested in me. Her loss.

Momma used one of those super shorts on Mango. She said less to worry about and it provided more leverage for her when he decided to do his pulling thing.

Love the doodle ballet poses.


1000 Goldens said...

Fi, you look so beautiful in your stripped collar! Maybe I need a short leash too? I am a good boy at home, but put me in a new environment and my shoulder feels like your Mom's!

Dr. Liz, do you have a Bass Pro Shop in your area? At puppy school our trainer told us that they welcome dogs and that their employees are very kind to dog folk.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH MY.... when will DOODLE LAKE be PAWformed? We will want tickets fur that.

Clive said...

What amazing photos! Murray loved them so much - particularly the dancing photos!

We love your new collars too!

Take care

Dory and the Mama said... gals have been busy!!! We just loves your new collar Fiona...and are so proud of Miss Abby and her therapy training!!

Dory, Bilbo, Jakey and Arty

PeeEss...Our Mama is becoming an Etsy addict too!!