Friday, November 6, 2009

It is Really Tough to get GOOD help these days...

Seriously. It is really hard to get good help these days.

Fr’instance. Yesterday, Mom goes on a hike with this group of people from the RV park, partially because she wanted to go hiking, and partially because the hike leaders have “wintered” at this same park for the last several seasons and she wanted to pick their brains about places that I could go hiking. Because dogs aren’t allowed in National Parks. Someone jokingly suggested that Mom get me a ‘Service Dog’ vest to wear, and then I’d be allowed in, but Mom said that I wasn’t “well behaved enough” to get away with it. Me? Not well behaved? The nerve! So Mom goes off on this hike (which was in Zion National Park, and so I couldn’t go along…), and comes back with a bunch of pictures, and is all fired up about hiking.

Cool. Because hiking is good.

So today, Mom and Dad took me on a short walk around the RV park, and then Dad said that he wanted to go on a short hike. He hasn’t been hiking since his ankle surgery (over a year and a half ago), and wanted to ease into it. Ease is fine. So we drive the Box on Wheels (Mom says it’s a Jeep, but I think it looks like a box on wheels, and so that’s what I’m going to call it) just a little bit up the road and parked and went on a two mile hike. Which was great fun, as I got to get all dusty, and sniff things (although Dad pulled me away from this spiky plant thingy before I got too close). BUT. But, my secretary and photojournalist DIDN’T BRING THE CAMERA. Hello? McFly?!?

It was a great hike. Really. And Mom promises me that she’ll bring the camera next time.

Uh-huh. Sure, Mom. I think I may have to get a backpack and carry it myself to make sure that it goes on every hike.

Note from Fi’s Mom: Yep. You may very well be getting your own backpack – so you can carry your own water and dish.

Okay. Whatever. So. We get back from the hike, and Mom decided to test out the pool and hot tub. So far, this RV Park has 5 paws from all parties involved.

Then Mom had to go grocery shopping. I declined to go along, because I saw Mom’s list and she had a lot of stuff to get. And because some of the stuff on the list was non-grocery, she decided to go to Wal-Mart in Hurricane. Before Mom and Dad left Park City, three separate people told Mom that one form of entertainment in southern Utah is to go to Wal-Mart and watch the polygamists shop. Mom kind of laughed, knowing that there are polygamist colonies down south, but didn’t think much of it.

Note from Fi’s Mom: For those of you who don’t live in Utah/Idaho/Arizona, yes, there is a fairly sizeable population of fundamentalist Mormons who still practice polygamy. And unless the local church leader is actively marrying 14-16 year old girls to 40-something year old guys, law enforcement pretty much turns a blind eye. Heck, there was a town a few years ago where the Sheriff/Chief of Police (or someone like that) was a polygamist. I think he got arrested mostly because the state felt that having someone sworn to uphold the state laws, who was actively breaking one was probably not the legal representative they were looking for… Anyhoo, while the ‘mainstream’ Mormon church has officially stepped away from polygamy, there are plenty of people who practice polygamy. The women are readily identified by the long-sleeve, floor-length dresses they wear and long hair (either in a braid or bun of some sort).

So, Mom goes to Wal-Mart, and before she even got out of the car, called Dad to tell him that all the people telling her about the polygamists at Wal-Mart weren’t kidding. Apparently Mom saw a bunch of polygamists, but since her phone battery was dying, didn’t attempt to sneak any pictures. Because Dad has never seen a polygamist. Mom says that’s because the only place in Utah that Dad has ever lived is Park City, and there aren’t obvious polygamists in the Park City boundaries.

After coming back from Wally World, Mom decided that she wanted to get a map of the hiking/biking in the area so they could pick hiking trips that I could go on, and so they could also scope out road biking routes. A bike shop in Springdale (right at the entrance to Zion Nat’l Park) was recommend as a good place to go for advice, so Mom loaded me up, and we drove the 15 or so miles to the bike shop. And the closer you get, the more stunning the scenery gets.

But did Mom bring her camera with her? Say it with me… Of Course Not!!!!

I swear, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get good help these days!

The only plus is that Mom got this great map that shows all sorts of places that Mom and Dad can go hiking with me. And Mom found some good places for them to go bye-sickling, so that made Mom and Dad happy.

So, I will leave you with pictures of Mom’s hike from yesterday. The one I wasn’t allowed to go on because it was in a National Park. And what is up with that? Am I not a part of this great nation? Why can’t I get to see the wonders of the world, too? I’m going to have to talk to my congressman. Assuming that he’s not dining with the local polygamist leader…

(Biggify these for the full effect.)

*sigh* I guess I can't fire my own mother, huh?

*kissey face*


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo really need to do something about this NOT having the flashie beastie with her -

Doesn't she understand PRIORITIES???

ANYWAY, those were some khool pikhs but I was most taken by the last one fur some reason!


chicamom85 said...

The pictures are really nice. I don't think it is a good idea to fire your own Mom cause there might be treat and food issues involved. Be careful and think it out.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

jan said...

Seriously we must rid the world of all these "dogs not allowed" places.

bermudabluez said...

We can't figure out why dogs aren't allowed in Natl Parks either!! We behave better than some of the people our mom has seen in those parks!! Maybe we should start a Protest or something...the pictures that ARE shown are great...specially the last one!! Somethin' about that blue sky too! That WESTERN blue sky!! Did your mom ever watch "Big Love" on tv?? She'd get a kick out of that! XOXO Chloe & LadyBug, the NY BichonsFrises

Wild Dingo said...

Sure you can fire her! Mine fire me every day, until it's time for dinner. then i'm rehired. ;)

and that sidebar on the polygamist was hilarious. i guess you don't/shouldn't go visit the blog called no, don't go there. you won't stop looking. it's strangly addictive and slighty horrifying.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

How can you tell they're polygamists? Was one of them Bill Paxton?

Mango said...

Fiona! Your mom needs a major talkin to for sure. No camera? Whatever was she thinking.

I am glad you had fun and got a good walkie, though. Maybe next time.

Wal-Mart! EEEEE! We have one here, but I don't think there are any poly gymnasts in there, but we wouldn't know since momma refuses to even go in herself.


The Thundering Herd said...

Our humans are always taking pictures. Maybe we should trade for a day.

We never go to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, even though we can see a part of it from the house, because we are not allowed. But we go to the Blue Ridge Parkway National Park because we are allowed on the trails. But we see people with misbehaving dogs all of the time and it worries us that someday the park service will say no to all dogs because some misbehave. We hope not.

We also go to Pisgah National Forest because National Forests do allow dogs.

Confusing, huh?

Clive said...

Fascinating post! We loved the photos - the scenery is just breathtaking.

Incredible that National Parks don't allow dogs.

Sounds like a very interesting State - we're learning lots of new things every day.

Take care
Clive & Co.

Ginger Jasper said...

Now your mum is realy slipping not taking the flashy beast with you.. You will have to have strong words.. Sounds as though you are having a lovely time though.. Hugs GJ xx

Dory and the Mama said... all are having all kinds of adventures "down south"!!


Maggie and Mitch said...

Dogs should be allowed wherever hoomans go! There should be laws about things like this!
Our mom has forgotten the flashie beast on occasion and we ream her out too, Fiona!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

BRUTUS said...

What beautiful surroundings. Mom has been to Arches and Bryce Canon, but never made it to Zion. It really IS too bad about the no dogs in the parks thing. If the humans were more conscientious and always picked up after us, I bet we'd be allowed. Stupid humans, *sish* always ruining it for us. Hope you find lots of good places where you are allowed, Fiona!!

Brutus the (non-service-dog) Frenchie

Martha and Bailey said...

We agree, you can't get the staff although we are usually pretty pleased with our mum forgetting the camera!
We loved the pics!!! Even though you weren't in them!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Brownie said...

um, we love you Fiona, but you've got to get your mommy in line... i mean, who cares about polygamwhatevers when we don't have 3000 photos of FIONA in action?!

pee ess: my momster said to tell you that she had no idea the polyga-whatever was prevalent where you lived! Not cool!

Sierra Rose said...

Spectacular country! You will love the cycling....we recommend a midnight-full moon ride through Zion!
Have a blast on the doggie friendly trails Fiona!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

SO glad yuo are enjoying your vacation even if the momma is slacking!!! Great pictures =)